How to find duplicate egg

Egg has more proteins and vitamins.So everyone is eating egg to lead a healthy diet life.All of us know that hen only produce the egg.But nowadays eggs are produced by human also in means of artificial.In day to day life foods are becoming septic(poison).So its very important to find the duplicate egg and original egg.These artificial eggs are made by the china and supplied to India.

How to identify artificial egg

    fake egg
  • The fake egg and real egg has the small difference in their appearance. Fake egg is harder and rougher than the real egg also fake egg is little brighter than the real egg.
  • If we shake the fake egg it will noise but real egg will not give that type of noise.
  • Pour the egg in a bowl and keep it for sometime,both yellow and white yolk will mixed together.But in the real egg white and yellow yolk remains separate.
  • When the real egg is cooked we can feel a smell of raw meat but if we cook the fake egg no smell will come and if we keep it open for a day no ants or flies attracted to it.
  • when the fake egg is fried the yolk will spread like a water,but real egg will not spread.If we put an omelette there will be an difference between real and fake egg. 
  • If we open the boiled egg the fake egg has a rubber lining inside the shell.

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