Tips to control mosquito in home

Mosquito's are very dangerous because its spreading many diseases ,so its very important to control the mosquito's in home. There are simple tips to control the mosquito's in home.Here are few tips given below.
  • Try to avoid the stagnant water near to the home because mosquito lays egg in that  
  • Light the camphor inside the room by closing the doors and windows.After 30 minutes mosquitoes will not be there.But we should be stay outside of the room.
  • Make a smoke in the room by mixing the neem oil and the camphor balls.It keeps the mosquito away from us.
  • Take equal amount of eucalyptus and neem oil.Apply this on the skin because this is the effective Mosquito repellent.
  • Planting Tulsi near window keeps the mosquito away from the home.
  • Crush the garlic and boil it in the water.Spray the water in the room,the bad odor of the garlic keeps the mosquito away.
  • Use a lavender oil as a room freshener or apply it on the skin.Its strong scent smell makes the mosquito unable to bite.
  • Vaporizer the mint leaves in the room.The smell of the mint is used as a repellent of the mosquito.
  • Burn the pinion wood outside the home.The spicy smell of the wood kills the mosquito.
  • Use the mosquito repellent light in rooms such as sodium lamp,yellow bug or led lights.
  • Close the windows and doors after or at the time of 6 p.m.Mostly mosquito visit the home at this time only.
  • Hang the aloe vera plant in front of the home or inside the home.This is also the mosquito repellent.
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