What should i do for normal delivery?

Pregnancy is the most important period for every women in their life.So Prominently they should be very conscious  in foods as well as in their health.In olden days c-section is rare but nowadays normal delivery is rare.Now not all the doctors but some of the doctors are going for the c-section for their profit.So during pregnancy choosing correct doctor also very important.Normal delivery pain will be for a while but c-section pain remains for life long especially back pain.So lets go for the normal delivery by following these simple tips you can.Third trimester is the correct time to follow these tips.

Tips for normal delivery:
    normal delivery
  • Walk in the morning time for minimum 30 minutes everyday.You can walk whatever time you
  • can but in morning time you can breath fresh air.
  • Breathing exercise is must in pregnancy time.It cleanses your blood by decreasing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen.It gives energy for the body also protects from the diseases.
  • Create a habit of sitting in the floor it is a great exercise during pregnancy.Use a  Padmasana  position to sit in the floor.It will reduce the lack of sleep during night time.
  • Sweep the house daily by using the short broomstick.So that the body will bend fully.It also helps for the normal delivery.
  • Drink jeera water everyday.Heat a water and jeera together,the color of the water will change to some orange color.After get cooled drink that water.
  • Take one spoon of butter everyday.It makes normal delivery easy.
  • Use the castor oil to massage the tummy.Massage from top to bottom everyday before going to bed.
  • Take a hot water bath at night time before going to sleep.
  • Make a habit of climbing the staircase everyday.It relax your muscles.But don't do for long time because it gives knee pain.
  • Drink a milk heated with crushed garlic.
  • From 9th month take the anise water. 
  • Eat Mango and Papaya in the 9th month.It reduces the risk in normal delivery.
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