How to find vitamin deficiency through nail?

Nails are one of the part in our body,it helps to prevent the sensitive nerves from injuries or any harms.Nails are made by the protein called keratin. If nails look pink then they are healthier because there is a good blood supply and oxygen supply.Nails need moisture to grow otherwise they become yellowish and they will break down.

What is Lunula 

      Lunula is the important part in nail looks like white color half moon.It is presented in the root of the nail and visible clearly. Lunula is mostly visible clearly in thumb finger.Well formed lunula represents the good thyroid and digestion.Absence of lunula represents week thyroid leads to depression,weight gain and thin hair.Very small lunula represents indigestion problem and low immunity due to slow metabolism and over toxin in body.

Lack of  lunula in fingers
  • If lunula is not presented in thumb nail then it represents the psychological disease.
  • Lunula absence or very small in index finger causes the diseases in intestines,liver,reproductive system in women and pancreas.
  • Absence of lunula in middle finger indicates the blood pressure problem.
  • If lunula is not presented or very small in ring finger(fourth finger)represents the problem in thyroid gland.
  • Lunula not presented in little finger represents that,the intestine is clogged.

Dark line in nails:

  • Dark lines in nails indicates the onset of melanoma,its a kind of skin cancer.
  • This is because of vitamin deficiency B12.

Crack in Nails:

    • Nail crack caused due to wetting fingers in water lot of time,using nail polish remover,using dish washes etc.
    • Crack nail indicate the skin disease,fungal infection and mainly hypothyroidism.
    • It is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin A and C.

    Pitting in nails

    • Nails will have more pitting or dent,which is the symptom of psoriasis.
    • Pitting in nails also occurred because of  tissue disorders,autoimmune disease that cause hair loss and alopecia areata.
    • Pitting also caused by the defective development of the nail plate.

    Spoon Nails

    • Spoon nail indicates the iron deficiency anemia,hypothyroidism,heart diseases,reduced blood flow.
    • It visible like a spoon shape at the edge of the nail.
    • At the starting stage nail will break easily and brittle.

    White Spots in nail

    • White spot in nail is the sign of calcium deficiency.
    • It is not so harmful and very commonly presented in nails.
    • If white spot stay for longer then it represents fungal infection.

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