Highest central/state govt jobs in india

In India many high posting govt jobs are selected through public service commission examinations. Most of us know only IAS and IPS are the highest govt jobs but there are many jobs in different field. All these jobs requires minimum qualification of bachelor degree in any stream.
1IAS - Indian Administrative Service
2IPS - Indian Police Service
3IFS - Indian Foreign Service
4IFS - Indian Forest Service
5IRS - Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax )
6IRS - Indian Revenue Service ( Customs & Central Excise )
7IAAS - Indian Audit and Accounts Service
8ICAS - Indian Civil Accounts Service
9ICLS - Indian Corporate Law Service
10IDAS - Indian Defence Accounts Service
11IDES - Indian Defence Estate Service
12IIS - Indian Information Service
13IPTAS - Indian Post & Telecom Accounts Service
14IPS - Indian Postal Service
15IRAS - Indian Railway Accounts Service
16IRTS - Indian Railway Traffics Service
17ITS - Indian Trade Service
18IRPFS - Indian Railway Protection Force Service
19IRPS - Indian Railway Personal Service
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