3G to 4G Simcard swap frauds- Be Very Careful

Now frauds reached yet another step through mobile phones. You can be cheated by the name of tele callers from mobile service providers.If your account is linked with your mobile there is no doubt your money is stolen already. Lets see how this works

People will call you like as if they are calling from mobile service providers.Now they will try to brain storm for converting 3G to 4G and they will tell so many offers to convince you.Once we convinced they will ask us to send an SMS from our mobile.


Now fraud tele caller who already obtain 4G request number from service provider. He will ask us to send that number to mobile provider sim swap help desk number.  As per record of mobile provider they received request from you to transfer your 3G to 4G. 4G ownership given to new 20 digit number which you send. Now your 3 G sim will be inactivated and fraud gets access to your mobile number with 4G.

All these fraud peoples internally link with bank tele callers,with help of them they will get all your debit card/credit card numbers. Some fraud peoples creating new magnetic stripes with your number to swipe it,Only security we have is OTP. Now with this cheating they had access to your OTP as well.

Difficult to track such cases because all the transaction is happening with your name and your account.Frauds are not doing any online purchases as well because they have to give some delivery address.This kind of cases already registered in metro areas like Bangalore,Mumbai and Chennai recently.Only thing we can do is we should be very careful and try to walk in outlets in case if you find any doubt on callers.

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