How to apply smart ration card online in tamilnadu

Tamilnadu government introduced smart ration card to buy the grocery products in easier way.This ration card can be applied through online without visiting the government office.But applying for the new smart card in online is possible for the particular time period.

To apply online go through the official website

1.Click on the New smart ration card option and fill the details with correct information.If you want to add the person in card then click on the add button and fill their details.
2.Choose the type of the card from the option

  •           No commodity card
  •           Rice card 
  •           Sugar card 
  •           Other.

3.Submit the residential id,electricity bill etc,that should not exceed 2MB.
4.Provide the gas connection details.If you have 2 gas mention it.
5.Finally submit the form.

After submitting the application,Reference number will be received in your mobile to know the status of the application.Suppose if the number is deleted/lost or any doubts in filling the form refer the link smart card helpline

Existing family card holders can automatically converted to smart card by the government and PIN will send to the mobile.To receive the smart card show the PIN in nearby ration card shop.
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