How pincode is formed in india

PIN code is a short form of postal index number,which is used to identify the location. This PIN code concept is created to identify the location quickly,this code is used to deliver the mails,parcels etc. There is standard code words behind each postal code.
PIN code is six digit number each number in a code has some significance that as follows.

postal code

1. First letter in the PIN code indicates the zones we belongs too.
2. Second and third numbers indicate the district we are
3.Fourth number indicates the routing post office to reach the destination
4. Last two numbers are used to identify the destination post office. Each post office has unique numbers to identify.
If we apply PIN code formula to above PIN code number it will be like below
 5- Karnataka
60 - Bangalore district code
0-Routing post office
16- Doorvani nagar

India has divided into 8 different zones,Click here to see the Zone Details  .
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