Error Code 21 unable to send SMS from android mobile

In android mobile some times we may not be able to send the message. We will be getting error code 21 while sending an SMS. This kind of issues can happen in two reasons

  • 1. SMS service center number is not set in your phone
  • 2. If your using dual sim and you have swaped the position of sim1 and sim2 recently.

In both the above scenarios we will not able to send the message from our mobile we will end up in getting error code 21. To avoid this we need to contact our mobile provider and get the SMS service center number. We need to update that number in our mobile as like below. First dial in Android phone


Now click on the phone information. We need to update the service center number in SMSC field.We need to restart the mobile after this change. Now you will be able to send the SMS.


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