Google Pay(Tez)- Google app money transfer made very simple in India

Google introduced new digital app called 'Tez' to transfer the money in India.  This app is working in the concept of UPI (Unified payment interface). This app can be downloaded in google play store or apple IOS. Now let see how this works.


After installing the app google send you the OTP to confirm the identity.This app needs to be installed were same number should be registered with your bank as well.  We have to set up following things

  •  Set up pin to open the app this pin can be same as your pattern to open your phone or can be different one
  •  Next we need to set it up transaction password. This will be additional security for each transaction we making
  •  We need to link our bank account to app. We need to input last six digit of the debit card number and expire date. App send the UPI registration request to bank through SMS in our mobile. Once bank confirm the request account will be link to the app.

Now we are good to send/receive money through the app.

Payments can be send and receive through following mode

  •     Via Phone
  •     Account number
  •    UPI ID (ex :rajxxxxxu@okhdfcbank)
  •    Scanning your QR Code
  • Searching near by Tez devices
This project is started in September and as a starting point google announced lot of offers and scratched card which gives you bonus every day in your account. Absolutely there is no charge in those transactions. Yet another great product from great company. Now this app renamed as google pay


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