What is UPI payment,How it works in Android mobile?

UPI payment option enables us send/receive money using smart phone without remembering the bank details in a secured way.This option eliminating concept of remembering  recipients bank account number,IFSC code etc..Let us see how this is works.

UPI payment works with the concept of Virtual payment address( like IP address in the computer). Each account account has to generate unique VPA address. This code is generated by any UPI mobile application. Once code is generated,This code has to be linked with our bank account.  In order to link with bank account we need to send an message to bank from registered mobile number for that account.  Bank confirm it back after OTP confirmation.


Once VPA is confirmed by the bank we can transfer/receive the money from any accounts easily.UPI payment can be done using VPA id or scanning the QR code of the VPA account.

How it is secured?
Any UPI application comes with two factor authentication. One password is to open the application and another one is transaction password. Both the passwords are random and configured by us.

What is the Advantage of this method?

  • Send/receive money can be done 24/7 . No need to worry about NEFT cut off time
  • We can send money to any bank instantly. We don't have to worry about payee registration process and Intra bank delays. 
  • Payment can be done to any merchant who having UPI account
  • Simple to use
  • Safe
Some of the UPI application:

There are many applications created to do UPI payment. Even banks also has its own UPI applications.Some of them are

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