MLA salary for each state in india

MLA's salary differs each state in India.Since MLA salary is decided by the state govt according to their state policy and locality this will be either high or low. In India highest MLA salary provided by Telangana and lowest salary provide by Tripura. Find the complete salary list in each state.

Telangana2,50,000 (RS)
Delhi2,10,000 (RS)
Uttar Pradesh1,87,000 (RS)
Mahastrastra1,50,000 (RS)
Andra Pradesh1,30,000 (RS)
Himachal Pradesh1,25,000 (RS)
Haryana1,15,000 (RS)
Tamilnadu1,13,000 (RS)
Jharhand1,11,000 (RS)
Madhya Pradesh1,10,000 (RS)
Chattisgarh1,10,000 (RS)
Punjab1,00,000 (RS)
Goa1,00,000 (RS)
Bihar1,00,000 (RS)
West Bengal96,000 (RS)
Karnataka60,000 (RS)
Sikkim52,000 (RS)
Gujarat47,000 (RS)
Kerala42,000 (RS)
Rajastan40,000 (RS)
Uttarakhand35,000 (RS)
Meghalaya28,000 (RS)
Arunachal Pradesh25,000 (RS)
Assam20,000 (RS)
Manipur18,500 (RS)
Nagaland18,000 (RS)
Tripura17,500 (RS)
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