Hire a cycle for rent by just 1 Rs in Bangalore

Cycles played vital role in day to day life in past decade. In modern world most of us left cycles and moved to bike. Many of us child hood days we could a have hired a cycles for rent for 1 hour by paying 1 or 2 rupees.

Life is circle same case came back again. Zoom car introduced Pedals option in their application ,with that we will be able to hire cycles just for 1 rupee. This option as of now introduced in Bangalore and going to expand soon in other areas.

How it works
1. Install zoomcar app in your mobile and click on pedals.
2. This will  list all the cycles available near to your location through GPS tracking. All the cycles will be parked near by pedal stations. We can take cycle in any pedal station and leave the cycle into other pedal station.


3.We can open the cycle lock by scanning QR code displayed. Once QR scanned through zoomcar app lock will be automatically opened.Once lock opened your time starts, Once your done click on end trip button.
4. Payment will happen through PayTM


It lock's automatically once your trip is finished. This will be good initiative taken by zoom car.


  1. Where to leave the cycle at the end of our trip?

    1. In any pedal station we can do pickup/drop off. See the pedal station near to your destination there we can drop as well.

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