Process in registration department is very complicated to get any service. We need to go document writers to get  the copy of the document and they are charging to heavily even though small work. Govt moving lot of things in online, Now we have a provision get document(Pathiram) copy through online. Now lets see how can we do that.

Login to


If you don't have user name and password , We can create a new account by clicking new registration.
After login successfully . We need to go below link to apply document copy through online

Now we need three important parameters to apply.

  • Document number
  • Sub Registration office
  • Year of registration 
After provided the required information click on the search button.If given parameter matches the result it will show in search results as below.


Now click on the apply online line in the bottom of the search results. Now in the next page we need to provide our address and details to identify who requesting this information. After providing the required information click on submit button.

Now we need to pay 221 rupees as charges to get document copy. This can be done through online as well. We need to wait for one day to get document, We can also see the status of the application.
Once document is ready we will get download as PDF


Now online document copy is ready and we can download any time by logging in into our account.