How to pay the water tax and property tax online in Tamil Nadu?

Corporation/Municipality bills can be payed through online in Tamilnadu. Even though many department's are digitized ,so far we pay property tax and water bills in municipality offices only. Now government has taken step to pay these bills through online.Lets see how can we do this. Visit to below site.


We need to create new user account for the first time users in the signup form. Once account is created login with the password. Now we will see how can we pay water bill online. Go to My Properties--> Add connection


Now select the municipality you belongs to and connection type as water charge. Additionally we need to give ward no , connection number,street name and owner name to identify the connection.  Click on the search button.


After a successful search it will list us the property belongs to us and it also tell us the balance water bill needs to be paid as like below. Select the property and click on save for future reference

Now property is saved in your list. Now go to My Properties--> Property list . This will list all the properties we added in our account. Here we can see pay now button to pay the rest of the tax.


Similarly we can add property and pay the property tax through online in tamilnadu


  1. Hi,
    This information looks good and will be help for many as we will avoid standing in queues.

  2. it throws warning message: Your Connection is not private. Could not log in even after several attempts.

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