Process of changing address in Bharatgas

We might shift our location from one place to another place in the same city or in the different state. We do not have to worry about shifting gas connection because this is very simple process. There are two options for this

Option 1:
Direct visit to the current gas distributor office with gas book and if any documents provided during connection. We also need to tell them where we are planning to shit and they will only find nearest distributor with new location and give a transfer receipt to us.  Hardly this will take note more than 10 mins.

We need to take the transfer recipient along with below documents to the new location gas distribution office

  • Address proof of new location (House rent agreement) 
  • Any ID proof (PAN,DL,Voter ID)
They will take this document and process it. Your new distributor address will update within one hour. We also will be able to book the gas with in 2 hours in new place.

Option 2:
Bharatgas change address through app is very good option. We need to download and login Bharat gas app.  Click on service request. We have following options
  • Mechanic Request
  • Address Change request
  • Mobile number change request

Just go through Address change request and we can upload /scan the proof for the new address. This functionality is newly introduced so changing address through bharatgas app is  not working that great. Even if we raised no updates is happening from Bharat gas side until we go there. Hope this will be resolved soon.

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