Juice Jacking - Stealing data through USB charging

In this modern world most of the people's are using smart phones. Since most of the thinks are coming in the form of app(Shopping,food,banking) we also prefer phones and this increase the necessary of charges in phone. Some time we might be in a situation running out of batteries need charging when we are in public place. This is the source of the loosing our personal data , Let see how they do.

Attackers keep USB charging port in public place like bus stand,hospital,Mall, Railway station and most crowded place. When we try to connect our phones either they will take direct access to see our data or they will install the malware to get the sensitive data continuously in future. Looks very scary but no problem we have follow below approach handle this

How to avoid USB Hacking

  • Switch off the device which phone is charging
  • Disable data while phone is in charging mode
  • Using direct charging cable instead of USB 
  • Try to carry power bank instead of using public charging
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