Apply Varisu certificate(Legal Heir) online in Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu government introduced new facility for citizens to apply various certificates through e-services. Earlier we used to go to a person or through some middle man to get it. There is no transparency,but now this is much simplified.This services are offered through TNeGA. Lets see how can we apply legal heir certificate in Tamilnadu. Go to

Create an account through signup form if the account is not exist and we need to validate the mobile through OTP. Once account is created login with username and password.Click Revenue Department


Select 25 records per page we can see Legal heir option and click on it


There will be charge of 60 rupees for service and registration , click on proceed to apply. Now click on CAN registration

Fill all the details as per the document we have with us and click on submit. After submitting we will be redirected to document upload page. This page we have to upload the supporting documents we have. We need to give the document number and upload


Just do the submit once document upload is success and we have to make a payment of 60 rupees for the service charge. After completing this step we will be provided with reference number for future tracking purpose. Click on below link to check the status online
Check Status
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