Honda Activa H Smart Reivew- Please dont go for it

 Month back we bought Honda Activa 100 CC with Smart technology.  I wanted to buy based on key bike but somehow feature they told me got attracted and end up with Activa H Smart. Bike is running smoothly no problem with that.

Now let me come to the issues we faced.

Indicators will not produce any sound, When i asked this response from is its by design to reduce the battery consumption. This is my first disappointment.

This edition of bike is 4-5k costlier than normal bike ..After bought the bike they gave the disclaimer if you lose the key it will cost around 8 K . This is my second disappointment

After my first service and one fine day bike was not starting at all. Battery is completely drained but my bike was not kept on. Remember this is happen with in one month of time since i bought the bike.

I called the showroom they came and took the bike.. They took very normally seems like many of HSmart users regularly face this it seems. I complained this problem to Showroom but they are trying hold product is good.. its only battery issue which i don't believe it. 

Now after they charge the battery bike is running now.. Now really i am worried when its going to stop again.. Even single mistake of not turning of indicator, ignition, key anything can potentially drain your battery. This is not good for regular use as for me... I have shred this feedback to Honda as well.

Please think twice before taking this product 

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