How to block app request in facebook?

Many peoples are crazy about playing Candy Crush Saga,Though your not playing but you keep getting notifications.Here’s is the steps how to silence these notifications.

How to block game request notifications:

Let say when we get the game request it will get notified in our FB page.Mouse over the notification and look for the X on the right side. Click that X and it will lead you to turn off notifications for this specific app.

How to block all app requests from a Facebook friend:

We may keeping getting the request from one particular friend in Facebook. You.You can also block invites from specific friends who constantly need help from you to get to the next level.Click on the settings button and right hand side you see blocking button.
In block app invites section enter the friend name from whom you want to block the invites, once its done we will not get the request from him. Similarly we can block specific user,we can block specific app,events from friend.
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