How to cast mobile screen into projector or computer

We can project mobile screen's display into computer through wireless. This will be very useful especially when we give demo or project mobile screen's into PC or projector. Lets see how can we do this

 Type connect in search bar of your windows and we can find a app called "Connect"  trusted Microsoft store app and click on the app. It will display the name of your computer

.Now your computer is ready to connect through wireless display. 

Go to your  mobile and turn on WIFI . Then go to wireless display

Now click on the wireless display. Some mobile phone it gives the options like cast mobile screen.
Once we clicked we can see our computer name is listed select the computer name. That's all we can see mobile display in computer or connected projector.


Abbrevation of Uday express train

Uday express is the latest luxuries train introduced by IRCTC. The name Uday derived from following words.Full form of Uday express as below

Utkrisht Double Decker Air Conditioned Yatri Express

Uday express between coimbatore and bengaluru

The most awaited train between Coimbatore to Bangalore going to be start by June 10th 2018.  This is double decker train is fully air conditioned. This train runs all week days except Monday between CBE to BLR.This train will be stopped in Tiruppur,Erode and Salem,Kuppam stations.

This train starts from Coimbatore at 5.45 am and reach Bangalore at 12.40 pm
Second trip start from Bangalore at 2.15 pm and reach Coimbatore at 9 pm


This luxuries train has following features:

  • Automatic food vending machine
  • Wi Fi-based infotainment system
  • GPS based passenger information
  • Very good looking seating arrangement
  • 8 double decker coaches
  • LCD screens to display required information to the passenger

Fare is not yet announced and possibly it will be equal to AC chair car fares.


How to install APK file in chrome browser

Chrome allows to install and run the apps in the browser.We can play and test the mobile apps through chrome browser.This can be done through the chrome plugin called ARC Welder. This plugin can be downloaded through below link.


Once downloaded and installed the app it will be appeared in apps list of browser, We can launch from list. We need to follow below steps to install the app

Step 1: Select  the folder where files are located.

Step 2: Upload APK files

Step 3: Select the mode you wanted to run either Mobile or tablet and size of the device

After completing this steps app is will be run in chrome browser.  I have tested this my apk files and it was working fine


Moto G mobiles auto rotate screen settings

Many recent mobile's to turn off/on auto rotate the screen settings is provided in the shortcut. So if we swipe down the screen we will be able to see the auto rotate settings but in Moto G mobile auto rotate mode is shortcut is not provided.We need to do this through accessibility settings

Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Auto-rotate screen.

Indian oil 24/7 toll free complaint number

Indian oil corporation has large number of outlets in India.There are many dealers across India deliver the petrol/diesel products. Any complaint issues related to petrol/diesel or petrol quality issues and quality issues can be directly reported to customer care of Indian oil.


This number is common across all the dealers in India, So while complaining we might need to give the information about dealer agency name and location for quick identification.


NTP restart command in Linux

NTP is used to sync the network servers time with global one.Restarting NTP is require in some case when automatic NTP IP is not picked up. We need to use below command in Linux to restart NTP

To start NTP:
systemctl start ntpd 

To stop NTP:
systemctl stop ntpd

To check status of  NTP:
systemctl stop ntpd

We can use above commands to restart,stop checking the status of NTP in linux

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