NTP restart command in Linux

NTP is used to sync the network servers time with global one.Restarting NTP is require in some case when automatic NTP IP is not picked up. We need to use below command in Linux to restart NTP

To start NTP:
systemctl start ntpd 

To stop NTP:
systemctl stop ntpd

To check status of  NTP:
systemctl stop ntpd

We can use above commands to restart,stop checking the status of NTP in linux


Flipkart going to be sold to Walmart

India's largest and popular retailer Flipkart is planning to sell most of the shares to another giant Walmart. Walmart is planning to buy more than 70 % shares from Flipkart. Final and official agreement is not yet signed.

Walmart taken this step to get strong platform and compete another biggest retailer in India which Amazon. Major investors of Flipkart is are

  • Tiger Global
  • China's Tencent
They are fine about this agreement.  As of now Krishnamurthy is CEO of flipkart and he going to be continued in the position even after taken over.


Land guideline values available online in Tamilnadu

Guideline values are very important when we buy or sell any property. Based on the guideline value we need to pay the registration charges to revenue department. Earlier only stamp vender knows this information but now this information is available in online. Click on the below link to download the guide line value in Tamilnadu.

Click to see Guide Line Value


We just need to select the zone and village name to see the guide line values.


How to SCP on specific port in Linux/Unix/Solaris

SCP generally takes port 873 to connect another machines to copy the files but in some cases due to security reason SCP will be allowed in different ports. How can access if it allowed in different port. We need to connect like below.

scp -P 6004 user@34.343.343.3 

Here port 6004 is used for SCP connection

How to SSH on specific port in Linux/Unix/Solaris

SSH generally takes port 22 to connect another machines but in some cases due to security reason SSH will be allowed in different ports. How can access if it allowed in different port. We need to connect like below.

ssh user@ -p 6003

Here port 6003 is used for SSH connection


New password format to open e-Aadhaar card

We can download e-Aadhaar card from online and when we open downloaded e-Aadhaar it will prompt for password to open it. Earlier postcode is postal code of the city and this is changed now.


As per new format password is combination of first four letter and your year of birth, For example your name is kumar and date of birth is 10-10-1986 then password to open PDF is



How to check your name in voters list in tamilnadu?

Type the following information in your mobile and send it to 94441 23456.We will get the confirmation with in 24 hours
EPIC  voterid(id present in your voter card)
We can search information's in Election commission website as well. Below are the some of the useful links

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