Patta transfer status online in Tamilnadu

Patta transfer status can be seen online in tamilnadu.,Patta is important document for the property This patta needs to be applied through e-Service centers, Generally we have to provide them required document and they will generate the CAN numbers. On request creation we will get SMS from dept.  We can track paata staus through online. Click on the below link


We would have got a receipt or message in that we can find the application number as like 2018/0103/32/141295. Enter this number and followed by security text then click on get Status button. We can see who was raised request with complete details then followed by the status of the patta.



Shopkeeper's cant charge 2 % extra on credit card payments-Says RBI

Many of us having credit card with us, We could have faced a situation when we do credit card transaction we payed 2 % extra. Shop vendors says if we use Debit card there is no charge but if we use credit card 2 extra money we need to pay from our pocket.?

Why we need to pay this money for credit card transaction ? is this right?. Why only for credit card? We have many questions like this . But answer from the bank is there is absolutely no transaction or service charge  for any transactions except IRCTC transaction


Then why they charging us?. Shopkeeper has to pay the money to the bank in order to use EDC machine . This charge is applicable for both credit card and debit card transactions. Shop keepers some how passing this to the customers.We have complaint this kind of incidents to banks.

RBI clearly say
"merchant establishments levy fee as a percentage of transaction value as charges on customers who are making payments for purchase of goods and services through cards. Such fees are not justifiable and are not permissible as per the bilateral agreement between the acquiring bank and the merchants…"

RBI adds that any such instance can be used as a strong argument by the bank to terminate its POS-linked relationship with such merchants"

We may need to fight back to the merchants not to pay extra money from our pocket.


ஒரே நாளில் பத்திரம் நகல் எடுக்க எளிய வழி ஆன்லைனில்

Process in registration department is very complicated to get any service. We need to go document writers to get  the copy of the document and they are charging to heavily even though small work. Govt moving lot of things in online, Now we have a provision get document(Pathiram) copy through online. Now lets see how can we do that.

Login to https://tnreginet.gov.in/portal/


If you don't have user name and password , We can create a new account by clicking new registration.
After login successfully . We need to go below link to apply document copy through online

Now we need three important parameters to apply.

  • Document number
  • Sub Registration office
  • Year of registration 
After provided the required information click on the search button.If given parameter matches the result it will show in search results as below.


Now click on the apply online line in the bottom of the search results. Now in the next page we need to provide our address and details to identify who requesting this information. After providing the required information click on submit button.

Now we need to pay 221 rupees as charges to get document copy. This can be done through online as well. We need to wait for one day to get document, We can also see the status of the application.
Once document is ready we will get download as PDF


Now online document copy is ready and we can download any time by logging in into our account.

Linux IPTable start stop status commands

IPTables are acting as firewall on Linux machines, We can configure access rules using IPTables. This is pre-installed in most of the Linux machines. We can use below commands to start,stop and see the status of the IPTables in Linux. We need root access to execute below commands

To start IPtables:
systemctl start iptables

To stop IPtables:
systemctl stop iptables

To check status of  IPtables:
systemctl status iptables

We can use above commands to restart,stop checking the status of IPTables in Linux


Income tax- How HRA exemption is calculated

Basically many components will be there in salary structure, One among them in House rent allowance(HRA). Unlike other components HRA is not fully taxable ,it is exempted under income tax act 1961 section 10 (13A).

HRA exemption will be removed from total income and we will arrive final taxable amount after this deduction.

Who can opt for this:
Employee who stayed in rented house and in his salary structure HRA component should be present.Employee's stayed in own house and self employed cannot claim HRA.

How HRA exemption calculated 
Minimum amount three in below condition taken for HRA exeption

1. Actual HRA received;
2.Actual rent paid less 10% of basic salary + DA
3.50% of [basic salary + DA] for those living in metro cities (40% for non-metros)


Say for example Ranjitha receiving monthly basic salary 20,000 and company providing 11,000 as HRA and she paying rent as 13,000 per month. Now lets go to the calculation

1. Actual HRA Received-(12*20000)                   - 2,40,000
2.  Actual Rent paid- (12*13,000)-   1,56,000
     Less 10 % basic (12*20000)-      24000
     Total                                                                 -1,32,000
3. 40 % of (12*20000)                                          - 96,000

Out of three 96,000 is lowest value and that will be considered for exemption.


Reason for multiple tick marks in whatsapp message

We can  see multiple tick's in whatsapp when we send a message. Each tick has some specific reason behind it . Do you know why?

(✓)      Message is send. 
(✓✓)    Message is received.
(✓✓)    Blue color. Message was read
(✓✓✓)  Three tick.Government was read   a message
(✓✓✓) Two Blue color one red color.  Government take action 

Kavita Devi - First Indian women into WWE

Kavita devi created new foot print into wrestling world,She is the first female professional participant from India. Already some male Indian wrestlers are like great Khali are representing India in WWE. Her stage name is Kavita Devi but actual name is Kavita Dalal.


Kavita already participated many games inside and outside India.She got the gold medal in south Asian games. She was participated in the category of weight 75 kg

Some more details of Kavita

Birth name:     KavitDalal
Ring name:      Kavit Devi
Residence:        Malvi,Julana Jind ,Haryana

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