Income tax- How HRA exemption is calculated

Basically many components will be there in salary structure, One among them in House rent allowance(HRA). Unlike other components HRA is not fully taxable ,it is exempted under income tax act 1961 section 10 (13A).

HRA exemption will be removed from total income and we will arrive final taxable amount after this deduction.

Who can opt for this:
Employee who stayed in rented house and in his salary structure HRA component should be present.Employee's stayed in own house and self employed cannot claim HRA.

How HRA exemption calculated 
Minimum amount three in below condition taken for HRA exeption

1. Actual HRA received;
2.Actual rent paid less 10% of basic salary + DA
3.50% of [basic salary + DA] for those living in metro cities (40% for non-metros)


Say for example Ranjitha receiving monthly basic salary 20,000 and company providing 11,000 as HRA and she paying rent as 13,000 per month. Now lets go to the calculation

1. Actual HRA Received-(12*20000)                   - 2,40,000
2.  Actual Rent paid- (12*13,000)-   1,56,000
     Less 10 % basic (12*20000)-      24000
     Total                                                                 -1,32,000
3. 40 % of (12*20000)                                          - 96,000

Out of three 96,000 is lowest value and that will be considered for exemption.


Reason for multiple tick marks in whatsapp message

We can  see multiple tick's in whatsapp when we send a message. Each tick has some specific reason behind it . Do you know why?

(✓)      Message is send. 
(✓✓)    Message is received.
(✓✓)    Blue color. Message was read
(✓✓✓)  Three tick.Government was read   a message
(✓✓✓) Two Blue color one red color.  Government take action 

Kavita Devi - First Indian women into WWE

Kavita devi created new foot print into wrestling world,She is the first female professional participant from India. Already some male Indian wrestlers are like great Khali are representing India in WWE. Her stage name is Kavita Devi but actual name is Kavita Dalal.


Kavita already participated many games inside and outside India.She got the gold medal in south Asian games. She was participated in the category of weight 75 kg

Some more details of Kavita

Birth name:     KavitDalal
Ring name:      Kavit Devi
Residence:        Malvi,Julana Jind ,Haryana


Trace route command in Windows

Route route command is used to tell what is the  traffic path to reach the destination.As like linux we do not have traceroute command in windows and we need execute below comment.

To Run traceroute on windows:
1. Click  windows+R  and type cmd


2. Now once command prompt appear we need to enter command "tracert hostname". Here hostname is the destination which we wanted to see the route.

That's all,Now we have trace route in windows.


Ideal height & weight chart for baby boy and baby girl

Our kid is growing right for the age?. Each age kids should have relevant height and weight.There could be small variation because these are based on the medical statistics . We can compare with below standards to identify our kids growth.


Age (Years)Height(cms)Weight(kg)


Age (Years)Height(cms)Weight(kg)


How to watch online movies in blocked websites

Most of the online movie sites are blocked in many countries due to piracy issue.  This restrictions applies only to many countries  but then how can we see online movies? Just follow some simple steps using  browser plugin to achieve this.


Go to chrome browser and click on the below link  browser plugin called "hola VPN"  in your chrome. This can be found in chrome web-store directly as well.


Now your ready to use hola VPN and after installation we can see hola symbol appear on the browser. We can turn on/off based on the needs. We can also select any country we wanted to browse from.

In this example we selected US so now when we browse through the blocked URL we should be able access. Once selected corresponding flag we can see in right corner of the chrome. Now all set and we are to watch and enjoy movies without any issue.


Start excel in DOS command line

We can start excel in many ways,One among important way is we can start through command line. This will be very helpful when we start excel through batch file. We need to use start command and followed by the location of the file. Refer below image


Above simple steps helps us to start excel in command line

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