Ideal height & weight chart for baby boy and baby girl

Our kid is growing right for the age?. Each age kids should have relevant height and weight.There could be small variation because these are based on the medical statistics . We can compare with below standards to identify our kids growth.


Age (Years)Height(cms)Weight(kg)


Age (Years)Height(cms)Weight(kg)


How to watch online movies in blocked websites

Most of the online movie sites are blocked in many countries due to piracy issue.  This restrictions applies only to many countries  but then how can we see online movies? Just follow some simple steps using  browser plugin to achieve this.


Go to chrome browser and click on the below link  browser plugin called "hola VPN"  in your chrome. This can be found in chrome web-store directly as well.


Now your ready to use hola VPN and after installation we can see hola symbol appear on the browser. We can turn on/off based on the needs. We can also select any country we wanted to browse from.

In this example we selected US so now when we browse through the blocked URL we should be able access. Once selected corresponding flag we can see in right corner of the chrome. Now all set and we are to watch and enjoy movies without any issue.


Start excel in DOS command line

We can start excel in many ways,One among important way is we can start through command line. This will be very helpful when we start excel through batch file. We need to use start command and followed by the location of the file. Refer below image


Above simple steps helps us to start excel in command line

How to run/start Excel in administrator mode in windows

We might be in a scenario  need to run Excel in administrative mode . Below simple steps help us to run excel in administrative mode.


Click on windows key and type excel in the search box. Now excel application will appear in the results. Right click on the excel and  now we have an option 'Run as administrator'. That's all now excel is running in administrative mode.

Free online video call and screen sharing sites

Screen sharing and video calls are very important in now a days. This could be either for business reason or trouble shoot the issues.There are many sites offering these services some are free and rest are paid one. Below sites are best free screen and video calls site in terms of quality.

  1. https://appear.in/
  2. https://hangouts.google.com/
  3. http://www.ammyy.com/
  4. https://www.skype.com/en/
  5. https://zoom.us/feature/share
  6. http://www.teamviewer.com
Above screen sharing tools and video sharing tolls  are very free in some extent. We can even  arrange a meeting with this


How to cast mobile screen into projector or computer

We can project mobile screen's display into computer through wireless. This will be very useful especially when we give demo or project mobile screen's into PC or projector. Lets see how can we do this

 Type connect in search bar of your windows and we can find a app called "Connect"  trusted Microsoft store app and click on the app. It will display the name of your computer

.Now your computer is ready to connect through wireless display. 

Go to your  mobile and turn on WIFI . Then go to wireless display

Now click on the wireless display. Some mobile phone it gives the options like cast mobile screen.
Once we clicked we can see our computer name is listed select the computer name. That's all we can see mobile display in computer or connected projector.


Abbrevation of Uday express train

Uday express is the latest luxuries train introduced by IRCTC. The name Uday derived from following words.Full form of Uday express as below

Utkrisht Double Decker Air Conditioned Yatri Express

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