Kerala State Food Complaints Number

Food safety commission office is introduced, for registering the complaints on any foods.The main objective to introduce this food safety commission is to prevent people from eating the food that is injurious to health.The food safety commission launched a toll free number for the people to register their complaints freely and without any hesitation.This service will be available from 9 a.m to 6 p.m
People can complaint on any type of foods if seems not good or expired or any other problem in it.toll free number is



Railway Police WhatsApp Helpline Number

Railway police has introduced new whatsapp facility to the passengers.Through this whatsapp facility passengers can send their complaint quickly to the police without waiting for the next station. Since people travelling in train have been increased , at the same time they are facing the risks like robbery ,theft and harassment.This facility can reduce the crimes because dedicated team formed to address this complaints.First time in India state government of Karnataka has taken this initiative for the passengers.

When we send a complaint,The message should contain brief details of the incident, train and coach numbers. Photos can also be sent.


Railway police also introduced 24/7 toll free  number for the passengers to register their complaints.



Reverse Waterfall In India

This is one of the natural beauty in western ghats in India. We can see this reverse water falls in many  places like sinhagad,lohagad,amboli hills.  These places are located nearer  to the city pune, which is in Maharashtra state. We can see this reverse waterfall in the month of June and July.


Water is not flowing in reverse direction but for our eye sight its looks like that. This is because water is flowing towards down to the valley but due to heavy wind pressure in valley its pushed towards up. Because of this we are seeing like flowing in reverse direction. We can see this reverse water fall only during monsoon seasons along with heavy wind.

This is one of the best place to visit and you have to experience the natural beauty.

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