Roles and responsibility of state chief secretary

As India adopted federal system, it has twenty-eight states each has general Administrative Department under the control of the state Chief Minister. State administrative system is headed by the Chief Secretary, controls all the state administrative offices. He acts as a link between central and state affairs.
Chief Secretaries are chosen by either chief minister of a state or by union government and appointed by the Governor of state. He is the leader and chief public relation officer of the state government.

Roles, Responsibilities and Powers:

  • Being head of the state administrative system and adviser to the state chief minister, the Chief Secretary has a wider and responsible role.
  • According to Rajasthan Administrative Reforms Committee of 1963, each minister has to take the Chief Secretary advice while taking decisions on appointment, transfer and promotion of an officer including civil servants and in the adoption and implementation of special rules and regulations.
  • The Chief Secretary has to develop plans, program , decides the meeting venue’s and records the decisions.
  • During emergency the Chief Secretary is the main nerve-center of a state, controls the employees of the state government departments within the state and secretariat library, security guards and archive.
  • The Chief Secretary is the ex-officer  Secretary to the Council, represents the state in the National annual plans, and writes the civil servants performance appraisal reports (APRs) or Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) in his state.
  • The Chief Secretary is the chairman of coordination committees, resolves inter-state disputes like water and irrigation problems.
  • The Chief Secretary conducts meetings with senior officials to improve effective coordination in the district and regional levels.
  • Matters including property of compensation, welfare, mortgage, building, housing, awarding and honoring, social and cultural development schemes are referred by the Chief Secretary and proper paper presentation and recordings are maintained for future referrals.

How to clear saved putty configurations

In putty we can save host information's  and color preferences but in some cases we wanted to clear wrongly saved details. There is no direct way to delete wrongly stored information's.  We can clear these information through command prompt. Go to the location where putty.exe available and execute below command.

E\Softwares\putty.exe cleanup

putty cleanup

After executing above command it will prompt for the confirmation once you confirmed,all the saved information will be cleared.

That's all.


Simple percentage calculator

This is simple tool used to calculate the percentage in different instance.

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  how much Result

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