Ramani kids hospital in pai layout bangalore

Near Tin factory and Udaya i did not find many hospitals for kids. There are some kids hospitals which is good in those area. One among them is Ramani kids health hospital in pai layout near  NAINA's backery.

Doctors is spending good amount of time with kids to understand their problem better. He prescribe medicine only if really necessary. He also dont prefer to suggest high dose medicine. Actually this hospital was suggested by my friend and it was good to me as well.

We can book an appointment before go there.Find the below details of hospitals

NO: 355,
14th A Cross Rd,
Pai Layout,
Near Tin Factory,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016

PH:080884 26095
Timings: 9 AM-12 PM , 6 PM-9 PM


How to enable query logging in MYSQL database

Performance tuning can happen at many levels and one among them is tuning in database level. We need to know what are the queries are executing in database. This can be done in application level  by logging the query but this is inbuilt feature in database. We just need to enable it and it will log all the queries fired by the application. We have table called general_log table where queries are stored. We need to enable as like below and by default it will not be enabled.

set global general_log=1;

Logging is enabled, Now we need to mentioned the destination where logging has to go.. We can redirect into file or table. We can set the destination using below query.

set global log_output='TABLE' ;

We are done now. All the queries executing in MYSQL will be captured and logged in a table. We query general_log_table to see the list of queries executing.

select * from mysql.general_log


First female Indian lawyer

In past, educations are restricted to Indian women and going higher studies are dream for them.Even those period after many struggles some of the women get graduated like Cornelia Sorabji. She is the first ever female lawyer in India.

She also hold  two more  special honors that are she is first female graduate in Mumbai university and first lady who finished law in oxford university.


Emergency contact numbers in IRCTC

Train is everybody's preferred mode of travel because of affordable rates and comfortable way of travel with family.But crimes also increased in trains,especially during night travel. Indian railway has announced emergency contact numbers ,once customer dial this number immediately in the next station we can get the help.

24/7 Toll Free number1512
Secondary number9962500500

Railway police help line number can be used to file any complaints related to railway's.

Save Child- Help line number for kids

Crime against children's are increased now a days. There are many ways crimes are enforced against kids,we need to strong punishment against these cases. We have child line system which helps and saves the kids.This is 24/7 toll free number
24/7 Toll Free number1098


Ragging helpline numbers in india

Do you know ragging is crime in India. In college's generally seniors used to start teasing the junior's by the name of ragging. In the past many innocent people's are suffered because of this ragging , even many of young students lost their life because of this.

  Peoples was aware about this ragging  but they start seeing as crime after murder of pon navarasu case in Tamilnadu.As per the guide line from Honorable Suprme Court 24/7 ragging helpline number is announced. This number works across India. Any ragging complaints can be registered here.

24/7 Toll Free number1800-180-5522

Idea of this institution is eliminate the human right violation by the name of ragging. More details can be found in http://antiragging.in


Why star symbol appeared in android phones

Many of us use android phones and some cases we could have noticed star symbol will be appeared in top as like below.

    This symbol indicates that priority calling is set and when ever call comes we will not get the ring sound. This is similar to silent profile. This can be enabled/disabled as like below in Motorola mobiles. Click on the volume button to increase/decrease. Now click on priority and we can see star appearing in the top and if we wanted to remove select in All instead of priority.