How to check your name in voters list in tamilnadu?

Type the following information in your mobile and send it to 94441 23456.We will get the confirmation with in 24 hours
EPIC  voterid(id present in your voter card)
We can search information's in Election commission website as well. Below are the some of the useful links


Hire a cycle for rent by just 1 Rs in Bangalore

Cycles played vital role in day to day life in past decade. In modern world most of us left cycles and moved to bike. Many of us child hood days we could a have hired a cycles for rent for 1 hour by paying 1 or 2 rupees.

Life is circle same case came back again. Zoom car introduced Pedals option in their application ,with that we will be able to hire cycles just for 1 rupee. This option as of now introduced in Bangalore and going to expand soon in other areas.

How it works
1. Install zoomcar app in your mobile and click on pedals.
2. This will  list all the cycles available near to your location through GPS tracking. All the cycles will be parked near by pedal stations. We can take cycle in any pedal station and leave the cycle into other pedal station.


3.We can open the cycle lock by scanning QR code displayed. Once QR scanned through zoomcar app lock will be automatically opened.Once lock opened your time starts, Once your done click on end trip button.
4. Payment will happen through PayTM


It lock's automatically once your trip is finished. This will be good initiative taken by zoom car.

Java 1.6 Enable TLS v1.2

All the application's are concern about the security and due to this keep changing the algorithms they support. One among these changes are enabling TLSv1.2. Enabling and disabling of TLS done in JRE level.

Java 1.6 default version is TLSv1 and we will not be able enable TLSv1.2 in java 6. So the possible solutions are

  1.  Some specific updates in java 6 update 111 supports TLSv1.2 
  2.  Update your java version to java 1.7 or 1.8

Quickfix auto rotate streaming and trading logs

In quickfix we use FileLogPath to configure log files. Streaming and trading sessions might create lot of log files but there is no way to archive this files. We might end up with crashing an server due to space issue. To avoid such situation we may need to stop and clear the files periodically. This is manual and difficult job for long term point of view.

We have options in quickfix instead of using FileLogFactoy we can use other factory methods  but that's not easy if your quickfix layer is part of the application and that application already using another logging framework.

LogFactory logFactory = new FileLogFactory(settings);
Now lets see how logback framework can be used in quickfix to solve this issue. First we need to disable default logging given by quickfix as like below. We need to pass null in the logfactory argument then quickfix automatically creates NULLLOGFactory as default implementation and then no more logging going forward.
InputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream(new File(configFile));
settings = new SessionSettings(inputStream);
MessageStoreFactory messageStoreFactory = new FileStoreFactory(settings);
messageFactory = new DefaultMessageFactory();
initiator = new SocketInitiator(this, messageStoreFactory, 
settings, null, messageFactory);
We disabled quickfix logging. Lets configure logback for quickfix. First create Logger and Appender in logback.xml as like below

<appender class="ch.qos.logback.core.rolling.RollingFileAppender" 

 <logger additivity="false" level="INFO" name="quick-fix-logger">
     <appender-ref ref="Quick-fix-appender">

Now access the logger in quickfix implementation class and use this logging where ever we need to log it.

public class FixApplication implements Application{

 static final Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.

  public void onConnect() {


That's it. Now we can log where ever we need and all the logs going to quickfix log file. This file will be automatically archived after reaching 250 MB.


MLA salary for each state in india

MLA's salary differs each state in India.Since MLA salary is decided by the state govt according to their state policy and locality this will be either high or low. In India highest MLA salary provided by Telangana and lowest salary provide by Tripura. Find the complete salary list in each state.

Telangana2,50,000 (RS)
Delhi2,10,000 (RS)
Uttar Pradesh1,87,000 (RS)
Mahastrastra1,50,000 (RS)
Andra Pradesh1,30,000 (RS)
Himachal Pradesh1,25,000 (RS)
Haryana1,15,000 (RS)
Tamilnadu1,13,000 (RS)
Jharhand1,11,000 (RS)
Madhya Pradesh1,10,000 (RS)
Chattisgarh1,10,000 (RS)
Punjab1,00,000 (RS)
Goa1,00,000 (RS)
Bihar1,00,000 (RS)
West Bengal96,000 (RS)
Karnataka60,000 (RS)
Sikkim52,000 (RS)
Gujarat47,000 (RS)
Kerala42,000 (RS)
Rajastan40,000 (RS)
Uttarakhand35,000 (RS)
Meghalaya28,000 (RS)
Arunachal Pradesh25,000 (RS)
Assam20,000 (RS)
Manipur18,500 (RS)
Nagaland18,000 (RS)
Tripura17,500 (RS)


Two wheeler battery price for different brand's

Need to know the two wheeler battery price?. Most of us use two wheeler's and we might need to change the battery in the span of two or three years. Many cases we don't need to change the battery immediately, We can giving for charging and reuse again.

In case charging did not worked then we need to change the battery. Below is the price of different two battery brands and corresponding price

BrandPrice Range
Exide800-1800 (RS)
SF Sonic600-1400(RS)

All brands different varieties of batteries available based on the capacity that's prices given in the range.


Download FIR copy online in karnataka

In Karnataka all police stations are centralized and if we raised any complaints first we need to look for FIR copy. So generally we need to go the police station and get the copy of the FIR. They put police officer signature by sealed true copy.

In case if you need additional copy this can downloaded through online by following below instruction. This option is available across Karnataka. Click on below link


1. Select District
2. Select Police station range
3. Enter FIR nmber. No need to enter the year in the after /
4. Select the year
5. Enter the validate text properly and click on search.

Once record is found we can see below option to download the FIR copy as PDF.