Best places to eat Ramadan food in bangalore

 Ramadan happens to be the month for prayers, festival. The month also opens door for food lovers as a number of delicious dishes are prepared during iftari. A number of wonderful dishes are prepared which are being taken while breaking fast. Here are some of the best places where you can eat Ramadan food in the city of Bangalore :

Mosque Road in Frazer Town:
 Mosque Road in Frazer Town is one of the best places to eat Ramadan food in the city of Bangalore. The place attracts a number of food lovers. There are various food stalls that sells fried eggs, chicken dishes, Brazilian beef, mutton kheema and other delicious dishes. Paradise ki haleem is one of the most delicious dishes you can enjoy in this place.

Rahhams in Frazer Town:
 The place offers more than 31 tandoor cooked dishes. You can also enjoy various Kebabs in this place. The place also sells mutton, chicken and lamb meat in this place. Mutton biriyani is one of the tastiest dishes in the place.

Albert Bakery in Frazer Town:
Albert Bakery sells the best food during Ramadan. Bheja or goar brain puff happens to be the speciality of this place. You can also try Mutton samosas, dil khush and dry fruit cookies in this place.

Charminar Kabab Paradise:
 You must pay a visit to Charminar for enjoying Baida Roti during Ramadan. Baida Roti is a special delicacy which are prepared from dough stuffed with mutton. You can also enjoy mutton seekh roll and nizam rolls in this place.

Tilak Nagar:
Tilak nagar is one of the best places to have Ramadan delicacies. The place has more than dozen stalls and servces a wide variety of dishes which include paya curry, chicken kebabs, samosas, roasted ox tongue, Psta house haleem, pudding, paani Kum Chai.

Russel Street in Shivajinagar:
 Russel Street in Shivajinagar is known to be one of the oldest iftar points in the city. The place is well renowned for phaals, seeks, Butter Chicken, Gurda Masala, biriyani, mutton korma, sheekj pal kebab, camel meat kebab.

Stalls at Empire Street in Koramangala:
The street in front of Empire restaurant in the region of Koramangala is yet another iftari destination during Ramadan. Some of the delicacies of this place include rumali rotis, seek kebabs, parathas.

Fanoos in Richmond Town:
 Rolls of Fannos are the tastiest delicacies during the Ramadan. You can enjoy Sheek rolls, mutton sheek jumbo roll, beef sheek rolls in this place.

Rahamat Nagar:
 This is one of the most popular food destinations during Ramadan. You can enjoy samosas, kebabs, grilled meat wafts in this place.

J C Nagar:
 You can enjoy Kebabs and other delicious food during Ramadan time at this place.

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