Know more about zika virus

Zika virus is a flavi virus which is born from mosquitoes. The virus was identified in the year of 1947 in the country of Uganda. The virus was identified in monkeys at first as yellow fever was monitored in them. The diseases caused by this virus was later on found in America, Africa and Pacific. The disease of Zika virus is transmitted via Aedes mosquito. People having this disease have symptoms which involves headache, mild fever, joint pain, muscle pain, rashes in skin, conjunctivitis. The symptoms of the disease can be found in a person for a time period of 2-7 days.Scientific studies reveal that Guillain-Barré syndrome and microscopically are the causes of this virus.

Symptoms of the disease:
The time period from exposure to symptoms of this disease has not ye been clear but is usually visible within  few days. Symptoms that have been found in people suffering from this disease include headache, dengue, skin rashes, fever, conjunctivitis, joint pain, malaise and muscle pain. These symptom usually lasts for 2-7 days in a person.

Transmission of the disease:
The virus is usually transmitted to human beings via the Aedes genus infected mosquitoes. As the mosquitoes bite people the disease gets transmitted. These mosquitoes generally bite at day time, more often in the early morning and sometimes even in late evening or afternoon. The transmitter of the disease are the mosquitoes that transmits yellow fever, dengu. Other transmission processes of this disease includes blood transfusion and blood transfusion.

Diagnosis of the disease:
The disease is generally suspected on the basis of symptoms. The disease is usually diagnosed through the laboratory tests from blood samples or other fluids from body which may include semen, urine and saliva.

Prevention of the disease:
The protection against the mosquitoes is one of the most essential measures for preventing this disease. Hence if people around you are getting more affected by this disease, you should use light colored clothes, covering most of your body parts. You should close windows and doors properly to prevent the mosquitoes from entering your home. You should use mosquito nets and various mosquito repelling medicines to keep these insects away from your home. You should also ensure that buckets, pots, gutters and drums should not have water clot, thereby preventing the disease.

Sexual Transmission:
It has been noticed in several countries that this disease can occur via sexual transmission. For ensuring that the infection does not attack via sexual transmission, it is better to go for safe sex or refrain from the same for 8 weeks after the attack. If you are planning for a child, you should wait at least for 8 months after getting infected by the zika virus.
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