What is RAW (Research and Analysis Wing)?

Research and Analysis Wing, abbreviated as RAW is the foreign intelligence agency in the country of India. Established in the year of 1968, this independent body was found with the objective of countering the influence of China. The body has played an integral role in major events which includes accession Sikkim to India, independence of Bangladesh,etc. The main objective of this body is to accumulate foreign intelligence, providing advice to the policymakers of India, participation in counter-terrorism. It is also known for its involvement in the safety and security of the country's nuclear programme. It is also counted to be one of the most important organisations involved in the national power of the country. With its headquarters in the city of New Dlhi, Rajinder Khanna is known to be the current chief of this organisation.

Facts about RAW:

Here are some interesting facts about RAW that are known to wide number of people in India:

Indira Gandhi, the former prime minister of India felt that there should be an agency which protects the country before a terror attack and if it goes to war. The agency would take the required steps for protecting the country.

The officers of RAW are sent to various regions through the globe and the country for training. They are generally sent to Israel, United States, United Kingdom for rigorous training.

In 1984, RAW informed the Indian millitary about 'Ababeel', the operation of Pakistan for capturing the Saltoro ridge in the region of Siachen. It was owing to the information by RAW in the right time for which the operation 'Meghdoot' was launched by the Indian Army and thus the Indian army was successful in preenting them from entering the territory.

In the past, people were hired for RAW only from Intelligence Bureau, Indian military, Indian police services. However now candidates are also chosen from universities.

RAW also succeeding in recording a telephonic conversation between Parvez Musharraf, Pakistan army chief and  Lt. Gen. Mohammed Aziz, his  chief of staff. The recording was a confirmation that Pakistan was involved in the Kargil war.

RAW is not answerable to the Parliament of India for any affair. RAW is answerable only to Joint Intelligence Committee and Prime Minister of India.There are two types of training for RAW which come to be known as the basic training and the advanced training. The training, in general, lasts for few years. The basic training lasts for a period of 10 days.

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