BMTC Customer Care

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has 24/7 customer care number. We can call below number for any issues or complaints regarding BMTC.


For more information please visit https://www.mybmtc.com/


EB Power Consumption Calculation

We all use electricity in our home but do we really know how would they calculate the usage per month?.Electricity bill is calculated  based on how many units power we consumed per month.  Lets see how we do the simple unit calculation.Lets take the scenario ,we have 100 watts lamp which glow 5 hours per day.We are going to calculate how many units it consume per month and how much will it cost.

1 Unit = 1000 kilo watts

(Equipment Capacity) * (Usage) * (Number of days) / (UNIT)

Now apply our values into above formula.

(100) * (5) * (30)/1000 = 15

We consumed 15 units per month ,if each unit cost 10 rupees we need to pay 150 rs as bill.

Below are are example of sample capacity of the appliances we use in home

1.Electric Cooker = 1000 w
2.TV      = 120 w
3.Tube Light      = 125 w
4.Water Heater    = 2000 w
5.Iron Box      = 1000 w
6.Mixer                = 500 w
7.AC      = 1500 w
8.Washing Machine  =  325 w
9. Refrigerator     = 225 w
10.Fan   = 40 w

We need to add all the appliances we used in a home to calculate total power consumption and   EB charge per month.


Kids Vaccination SMS Alert in India


Govt of India introduced new feature of sending Vaccination alert through SMS. In order to avail this feature we need to opt for it by sending kid name and date of birth to the number mentioned below. This registration is valid till the kid reaches 12 years. This application keep sending the vaccination alerts through SMS. We to send the message in below format. immunize space kidname space dateofbirth.Please see the example below.

      immunize kabilan 05-06-2013
Send this message to 566778 and after sending the message we will receive the confirmation message for the same.


List of Government and Nationalized banks in India

Below are the list of govt and nationalized banks are operates in India.

1.Allahabad Bank
2.Andhra Bank
3.Bank of Baroda
4.Bank of India
5.Bank of Maharashtra
6.Canara Bank
7.Central Bank of India
8.Corporation Bank
9.Dena Bank
10.Indian Bank
11.Indian Overseas Bank
12.Oriental Bank of Commerce
13.Punjab & Sind Bank
14.Punjab National Bank
15.Syndicate Bank
16.State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
17.State Bank of Hyderabad
18.State Bank of Patiala
19.State Bank of Mysore
20.State Bank of Travancore
21.UCO Bank
22.Union Bank of India
23.United Bank of India
24.Vijaya Bank

List of private banks in India

Following are the list of private banks that has operation in India

1.ICICI Bank
2.HDFC Bank
3.Axis Bank
4.Kotak Mahindra Bank
5.IndusInd Bank
6.Development Credit Bank
7.Yes Bank
8.Catholic Syrian Bank
9.City Union Bank
10.Dhanlaxmi Bank
11.Federal Bank
12.ING Vysya Bank
13.Jammu and Kashmir Bank
14.Karnataka Bank
15.Karur Vysya Bank
16.Lakshmi Vilas Bank
17.Nainital Bank
18.Ratnakar Bank
19.South Indian Bank
20.Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank


Train and flight Shedules in Google map

Google added another feature in google map, which gives us the train and flight schedule in the map.This is still ongoing task till get the complete list in India.  Currently this feature available in major cities.

This gives the information about available options ,also how many hours it takes to reach the destination.


How to protect mobile from virus without installing antivirus app?

Generally we download the apps from google app store but some times we may download the app from third party sites. Research says that most of the malware apps are coming from out side the play store and percentage of malware apps in play store is very very less.

Google also scans regularly to avoid this malware in play store. If we install anti virus apps it will take more resource also drains the battery. The solution would be using default security features available in the mobile let see how to do that. Go to Settings and Click Security settings.
We can see the option Unknown Sources just turn it off.

We are done and here after thirty party apps are not possible to install.

how to get LIC policy details through sms?

We might be having LIC policy and if we wanted to get the details of the policy we get through sending an SMS. Individual policy information message needs to be send it to 56767877 or 9222492224 with following format.
Note: Following options can be used for individual policy

PREM(Premium) - Premium due under policy
REV (Revival) - revival amount
BONUS- Amount of bonus
LOAN- Current loan amount
NOM-Nomination details

Also if your pension policy holder  we have following options and need to send the message  to 5676787

STAT-IPP Policy Status
ECDUE-Existance certificate date
ANNPD-Last annuity release date
AMOUNT-Annuity amount
CHQRET-Cheque return information.


Player Positions in Volleyball

Volleyball is a group game and this game is played with 6 main players.Player position in volleyball as follows.

How to get weather forecast information in android mobile?

We can check weather forecast information without downloading app in android mobile.  We can use OK Google functionality to achieve this. Just type weather in ok google tool bar.

This will give the current location forecast information's.


How to check connectivity between two computers in command prompt?

In internet world we used to connect to other computers to exchange data's between two computers. In some cases we would end up with some error happened and we are not able to exchange the data.  In such scenario first we need to check and make sure that connectivity between these two computers are fine or not

Press Window key and R , this will results run prompt will appear. type cmd and press enter button.

After given enter or ok key,it will prompt command window. Type the following in the command prompt.

                        ping -t with your destination IP)
After executing the above step if we see output as reply from the IP which you provided, This means connectivity is available from your machine to another machine . Also time tells you the data transfer latency between two computers.



How to find the owner of the website or domain?

We have millions of the websites available in the world but if we wanted to check the details particular website we can do it. We can check who registered that site and who is the current owner of the site and also address of the registrant .

This we can achieve through IP look up from DNS server. Already there are some site who does the look up for us


Just enter the site name and search we will get all the details which we required.

How to disable the app notification in android mobile?

We all are in the smart phone world and we might installed many applications in smart phone. Are you getting lot of App update notifications if yes there is way to stop all these notifications.

Click Settings then Sound and  Notification settings, This will list all the applications installed in the smart phone.  Select the app which you don't want to see the notifications

Un select the option of show notification check box and give the confirmation. Your done , you will not get any more notifications from this app.

How google map street view navigation works?

We all know google map is a very good tool for getting the directions clearly. Google also provides the facility to get the street view navigation. Lets see how to get that, If we search direction between Chennai and Bangalore we get below map.

Now we can see one icon called street view which is highlighted in orange color. Now drag and drop the icon any where in your direction we see below.

Keep click in the direction where you wanted to navigate,it will give u the feel of walking in the street. This option is not available in all the cities , currently this is available in all major cities.

How to check fake rupee note?

Reserve bank of India (RBI) has given some security features to identify the rupee note is original or not

1. Small flower design printed in both front and back side.If you see the flower in the light we can see the number 1000 in that flower.
2. Water mark has Mahatma Gandhi photo when we see it in light.
3. New security feature introduced in 500 and 1000 rupees notes and this has printed in different ink.This print is capable of changing the color if you keep the note flat and some different angle.
4. Number panels are printed in fluorescent ink and this will be visible only in ultra violet rays
5.Security thread which has Bharat written in hindi and also RBI as text.
7.Next to Gandhi photo there is an vertical bar which has numerical value of the note. This will be visible only if we keep the note horizontally.
8. In between vertical bar and Gandhi photo in micro letters numerical values are printed continuously.
9.Each rupee note has its own symbol , for 1000 rupee note diamond is printed in the note.
10. Final identifications are left side Asoka pillar and right side RBI logo and in between governor signature.  
11. Additional info even if we take color xerox it will note come properly for original note.


How do earthquake happen?

Earthquakes are happening due to sudden movement of rocks in underground. This sudden movement of rocks is caused because,rocks are broken due to heat and pressure which creates earthquake in the surface.This earthquake will be continued until the rocks are settled..

This rock movement sometime  happens in the deepest of the earth or near to the earth surface. If this occurred near to the earth surface impact will be more.


How to control auto play in windows?

When we insert CD,DVD,Pen drive in computer if it has any videos or audios it will start playing automatically. This is because settings configured for auto play in the computer. We can change this settings according to our needs. Lets see how to do it.

Press Windows+R and type autoplay as like below

Press enter key . After that we can able to see below window opened.

We can see options video cd ,audio,dvd drive etc. If we don't want to auto play for any of these select no action in select box.


How to check NTP status in Linux/Unix/Solaris?

Network time protocol(NTP) is used to manage the time across all the machines in your network.Network time is very important in server.
Below command is used to check ntp is running properly or not
svcs ntp
If ntp is running then we need to check the status of ntp by using below command.
ntpq -p
After executing above command if we get any connection refused error means NTP is not running properly.

Listening ports in Unix

Below command used to list all the existing port used in the solaris/linux system.
netstat -an
Command to check port is free or not.if the port is free you will not get any output otherwise resulted process using this port.
netstat -an | grep 8080