How Youtube Offline Videos Works?

Google provided a solution for buffering issue when we watch videos on you tube. This is common problem when we have slow internet connection or internet disruption.This option available on the YouTube app in android device. If we already installed the app then we just need to update it. Let see how this app works.

The idea behind the offline videos is, we can save the preferred video for offline viewing and we can watch it later freely without internet.Video download is happens in the background when ever mobile is connected to internet and you will be notified once download is completed. 

This option currently not available for all the videos.We can configure the video size to be downloaded ,smaller size will be downloaded quickly.


When phone is connected to internet we will be able to see all the categories in YouTube but if the internet is not available  then we will see only offline categories.


Tamilnadu Stamp Vendor Details Online

Stamp papers are used in many places like buying and selling properties,agreement etc. Stamp papers cannot sell by everybody only authorized person from govt can do this. Authorized persons called as stamp vendors. All the vendor details are maintained by govt of Tamilnadu. We can get the details by using below link.


Using above link we can verify the details of stamp vendors in tamilnadu.


Way to find computer serial number in windows

Serial number is unique number to identify the individual machines.This number mainly used to trouble shooting and replacement of parts. Following commands can be used to get the serial number in windows. Open the command prompt and type the following.

wmic bios get serialnumber


Colour Capturing Pen(Scribble Pen)

Scribble pen scans the colours of any object and immediately we can use that colour to draw or write. This pen can be used in either paper or digital screen.

Scribble Pen

How It Works:
             There is a RGB Sensor available in the pen to scan the colors of the object and stores the colors in the 1GB internal memory for the reuse.We can draw in 16 million different color combinations.This runs on battery,so it can be recharged.There are two types of scribble pen.

1.Scribble Ink Pen
2.Scribble Stylus Pen

Scribble Ink Pen can be used to draw on a paper and Scribble Stylus Pen can be used to draw on a digital devices(apple ios and android).Internet connection is not needed but bluetooth connection is needed for the transfer of colors.For Ink Pen we may need to refill the catridge once it is empty.


How to find a fake account in facebook?

Are you impressed in receiving a face book request from a girl or boy. Be aware many fake accounts are there in FB to cheat peoples. How to find them out?There are some ways to find out if a girl is real or not in face book.

1. Check their profile pictures  and photos they may not have more than one.
2. Check about section their details are clear or not
3. Check their friends list do they have up-normal number of count?

4. No one talk you adult information immediately without knowing about person, potentially that could be fake account.
5. They will divert you by saying some stories and get the money from you
6. Still your not convinced download the photo and go to google image search (http://images.google.com/) upload that photo and do a search. Now we will come know where they downloaded that photo.

These are the steps we could do to find a girl is real or not in Facebook.


IRCTC Tatkal Booking Timing Changed

Indian railway changed the tatkal booking timings, Earlier tatkal booking used to  open at 10 am everyday.As per IRCTC this decision is made due to reduce the load from servers and increase high availability of sites for booking during peak time.

time change

As per new change for AC classes tatkal opens at 10 am and non AC classes ticket it opens at 11 am.This change effected from june 15 2015.Also agents cannot book first 30 mins when tatkal window opens.