How to create executable files in linux/unix/Solaris?

Since we don't have standard extension types available for executable in linux, we need to specify them as executable files.We can use below command to create a executable files in Linux/Unix/Solaris.

# chmod u+x /path/to/script

How to do 301 permanent redirection in blogger?

Due to some reason we might move our website from custom hosting to blogger. In such scenario
URL strategy and pattern in blogger will not be same as like in our custom hosting. If the URL is changed we might loose our google ranking for our site and indexed URL's will go for task.

But there is a way to do the custom permanent redirection in blogger from our old URL to new URL.lets see how to achieve it. Login in to your blogger account and click on settings then click search preference.

Now in Errors and redirect section there is option called custom redirect,click on that.

Now we can see two options From URL and to URL, from URL should be your old URL which is already indexed and to URL should be latest blogger URL. Please make sure that you clicked permanent option so that indexed URL's will be permanently redirected to this new page. Finally Save your changes.

That's all your done.


WhatsApp stop automatic download of video,audio and images

In modern world , most of us use WhatsApp in our mobile and we use to get many messages from friends and also groups which we were part of it. So whats happening when friends sends lot of data but your not interested to see some of the data but still those information's are downloaded in your mobile automatically. This consumes your internet bandwidth though your not going to see it.There is a way to stop automatic media files downloaded in mobile.Lets see how to do it

 Step 1:
  Go to whats app settings and click chat settings
Step 2:
   Click Media auto download

Step 3:
        We will see three options When using mobile data,When connected on Wi-Fi, When Roaming
        Click when using mobile data

Step 4:
     After clicked that we used to see what are the files are configured for auto download, untick the image,audio and video click ok.

Step 5:
      After unticked all you will see "No media" under When using mobile data. This means no files will be automatically downloaded when we connected internet through mobile.

Step 6:

Repeat the same steps for When connected on Wi-Fi and When Roaming

That's all automatic download is stopped in mobile now.


Meaning of G, E, 2G, 3G and H+ Symbols in Android Mobile

In our mobile device when we switch on the internet we used to see following symbols in top of the mobile. Each symbol has its own significance and this will appear based on the signal strength from the mobile service provider

   H+ symbols  means that  you are connected to HSPA(Evolved high speed packet access). We need  3G internet to get this service and this service can be availed in smart phones.

  High Speed Packet Access and this also comes in 3G internet connection and this is available in smartphones only.

  Letter E means EDGE(Enhanced Data access for GSM Evaluation).Internet speed of this service is lies between 2G and 3G. Most of the people use this service only.

 Letter G means GPRS(General Packet Radio Service). We use to call it as 1G internet and we will encounter slowest internet speed.

Fourth generation mobile technology and this facility is not available in all the cities.This is also called as LTE(Long Term Evolution).This is fastest internet connection in mobile.

How to link Aadhaar Number and Voter id through SMS?

We can link our voter id and aadhaar number through SMS. Please send the SMS to 51969 with following format.

ECILINK   VoterID number  Aadhaar number
We will get the confirmation message after successfully linked.


How to upload a file in FTP server using commad prompt?

FTP(file transfer protocol) is used to exchange the file between two machines over the internet.We can upload a file into FTP server various way ,through Linux,through windows command line, and  we have some windows UI clients like FileZilla.In this article we are going to see how can we upload using window command prompt (DOS Prompt).

1. Open the command Prompt
2. Type ftp then enter
3. Type open  "FTP server IP or URL" then enter (ex :open ftpserver.abc.com)
4. It will prompt user name and password
5.After provided username and password if both are right you will get the message saying user logged in.
6. Now we can put the file in FTP server like put "File Name" (put logs.zip)
7.Once file is uploaded in the FTP server we will get the confirmation message.
8.Similarly in order to download the file we can use get "File Name" (get logs.zip)


How to check Radiation Level in Smartphone?

   Each mobile have a unique radiation level when they operate.Government has certain regulations that radiation should not exceed certain limit.Beyond this limit will harm the humans in form of cancer etc..
   The normal level for all the mobiles should not exceed 1.6w/kg when we use near our head or at a distance of 1.5cm from our body.We can type the below code in our smartphone to check the radiation level of our phone.

Need to consider about to change the mobile if radiation limit exceed the approved level.

What is Net Neutrality and its impact

Net Neutrality means that internet service providers (Airtel,Vodafone,Tata..etc) should treat all the content in the internet equally. They should not differentiate based on the content ,site, platform and the application.

How are we impacted?

Lets say if net neutrality is not there and we have internet pack in our mobile from any one of the internet provider. Now we wanted to access you tube and face book from our mobile. Facebook is working fast and google is not working fast as like Facebook. This is where we got impacted because your service provider is blocking the speed based on the website.

What is benefit of the companies?

ISP providers can extract more money from the customer also they can get the more money from agencies and advertisement from the companies. We might need to end up with buy more package or need to use whatever freely available from the ISP.

TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is not yet approved this change.We will wait for the information from TRAI

How to download birth/death certificate online in Tamilnadu

Its very difficult process to get the birth and death certificates from municipality. There is facility available in online to download the certificates. This facility is not available in all the cities and its there in some specific cities only.

We don't have specify any certificate number to download the forms,just need specify the name,gender,location and most importantly data of the birth or death.

Download the certificate in Coimbatore
Birth Certificate :  click here to download
Death Certificate: click here to download

Download the certificate in Chennai

Birth Certificate :  click here to download
Death Certificate : click here to download

Download the certificate in Madurai

Birth/Death Certificate : click here to download

Download the certificates in Trichy

Birth Certificate : click here to download

This feature coming soon in all the cities.


How to link AADHAR Card though SMS

We can link our Aadhaar card with various schemes provide by the government through sms.We need to send sms to 51969 with following format

UID SEED  StateShortCode SchemeCode  Scheme/Programid  AadharNo

Sample message format

UID SEED TN SBFS 321654 8965789524

Please visit https://www.rasf.uidai.gov.in/seeding/User/sms.htm  to know the more schemes we can link.

How to link AADHAR CARD in LPG through online

As per the rule of Indian Government we need to link our Aadhar card with the Gas connection to avoid multiple connection for a person.We can link Aadhar card and LPG gas connection through online.This simplifies the process of going to the gas agency and submit your Aadhar card.

We need to go to  https://www.rasf.uidai.gov.in/seeding/User/ResidentSplash.aspx
 Click "START NOW" button and follow the instruction,while filling the form please note
following short forms for gas agencies

           BPCL-Bharat gas
           IOCL-Indane gas
           HPCL-Hp gas

After filling the details submit the form and now Aadhar card is linked with the gas connection.


How to find DD number in demand draft

DD (Demand Draft) is the way of transferring money. In this method we can transfer money from one bank account to another bank.Demand Draft is valid for 6 months after its generated. DD's are acceptable only if the amount is less than 50,000 .

Below image is the sample DD provided by the bank and the box highlighted in orange color is the DD number.



IRCTC tatkal ticket booking shortcuts

1. Clear all your browser cache before start booking
2. Don't use internet explorer. site response will be slow in internet explorer
3. Try to book from the machine running in ISD time, There is a possibility to get delayed due to following reason if the request is coming from outside india.
   i . Relay token due to time delay
   ii. Active Routes
4. To get to know the exact railway server time use following link and give any train number ex:14553http://www.indianrail.gov.in/train_Schedule.html. Sever time will be displayed in the bottom of the result.
5. We can use some tools to prefill the passenger information so that we can save the time during tatkal booking.https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/autofill-forms/. Chrome also has some extensions to auto populate the data.
6. Don't use the same user id with different session(either same machine two browsers or two different machine) it will log out other session.
7. During Tatkal time more than two tickets is not possible for one IP. If your using office internet best of luck.
8. During the booking process if the page is keep rotating more than certain time don't wait till the response comes. Stop and relogin this condition applies except payment page.
9. We have an issue with session expiry if we keep the page idle for some time. In order to avoid that issue keep click some date selector but please don't refresh the page.
10. During tatkal time IRCTC introduced new light weight pages for faster response. Please make sure that your using light version of the website.
11. Don't refresh your page after payment is taken from your bank, some case it takes time to get the confirmation from IRCTC.
12.Some features will be missing in the website during tatkal time to make it light weight.
13. Please don't do multiple refresh there is a limit configured
14.Happy ticket booking !!!


Explanation of PAN card numbers

PAN(Permanent Account number) is provided by Indian govt to pay the tax for individual and firms. This number has some significance how its being generated.

PAN is a 10 digit alpha numeric number, where the first 5 characters are letters, the next 4 numbers and the last one a letter again. These 10 characters can redivided in five parts as can be seen below. The meaning of each number has been explained further.
1. First three characters are alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ
2. Fourth character of PAN represents the status of the PAN holder.
• C — Company
• P — Person
• H — HUF(Hindu Undivided Family)
• F — Firm
• A — Association of Persons (AOP)
• T — AOP (Trust)
• B — Body of Individuals (BOI)
• L — Local Authority
• J — Artificial Juridical Person
• G — Government
3. Fifth character represents first character of the PAN holder’s last name/surname.
4. Next four characters are sequential number running from 0001 to 9999.
5. Last character in the PAN is an alphabetic check digit.
Nowadays, the DOI (Date of Issue) of PAN card is mentioned at the right (vertical) hand side of the photo on the PAN card. .........!!!


How to download videos in android mobile

Youtube has not provided the facility to download the videos directly.We can use tubemate app to download the videos.TubeMate,YouTube down loader enables you to quickly access, search, share, and download Youtube videos. Because downloading always happens in the background.We need to install the tubemate app mobile and this will available in play store as free app
Open the tubemate app which displays some videos by default ,search and select the videos which you need to download.
video download

Click on the green arrow mark and videos will be downloaded to your mobile.Also we can specify the format during the download.

How to remove temporary files in PC

Windows will store some temporary files when you are working with some programs or browsing in the internet. This will slow down the computer performance. To clean up the temporary files,follow the steps given below:
   Step-I: Click START button->press “win+R” key to open RUN.
   Step-II: Then type “%temp%” and click "OK" to open temporary files folder.

How to optimize personal computer

This optimization process helps in increasing the performance of PC by modifying them to avoid getting hanged or slow processing.

Different ways to optimize PC

  1.  Remove Temporary Files
  2.  Deleting unwanted Programs.
  3.  Limit startup Programs.
  4.  Delete Browsing History.
  5.  Check for Spyware
  6.  Detect Virus
  7.  Run fewer programs at the same time
  8.  Use Disk Cleanup to remove unnecessary Files

Windows action center

Sometimes changing your computing behavior can have a big impact on your PC's performance. If you running multiple programs at a time.that may cause your PC bogs down. Keeping a lot of e-mail messages open can also use up memory.
Make sure you're only running one antivirus program. Running more than one antivirus program can also slow down your computer. Fortunately, if you're running more than one antivirus program, Action Center notifies you and can help you fix the problem.

What is action center?

Action Center is a central place to view alerts and take actions that can help keep Windows running smoothly.
  Action Center lists important messages about security and maintenance settings that need your attention. Red items in Action Center are labeled Important, and indicate significant issues that should be addressed soon, such as an outdated antivirus program that needs updating. Yellow items are suggested tasks that you should consider addressing, like recommended maintenance tasks.
  • Open Action Center by clicking Start button-> Control Panel-> System and Security-> Review your computer's     status.

How thunder happens in the sky?

Thunder and lightning are not different they are same its produced by the because of the same incident.We are seeing lighting first because light travels much faster than sound,that's why after some time we are hearing thunder sound.

Lets see how thunder and lightning are formed in the sky,when moisture level is increased in the cloud,they bump into each other then move around in the air.All of those collisions create an electric charge.charge. Positive charged particles in the top of the cloud and negative charged particles in the bottom of the cloud.Bumping of this molecules created a lot of electricity and this creates a sound as well.Since opposites attract each other,negative charges are attracted to the positive charged earth,that's why lightening is coming down to earth.

Tamilnadu MLA contact Emails

This is the latest list of updated email id of legislative assembly mla for the state of tamil nadu including chennai and other districts.Below are the list of MLA contact emails in Tamilnadu for each constituency.   We can directly contact of MLA using this email id                                          

1. Acharapakkam - mlaacharapakkam@tn.gov.in
2 Alandur - mlaalandur@tn.gov.in
3 Alangudi - mlaalangudi@tn.gov.in
4 Alangulam - mlaalangulam@tn.gov.in
5 Ambasamudram -- mlaambasamudram@tn.gov.in
6 Anaicut -- mlaanaicut@tn.gov.in
7 Andhiyur --mlaandhiyur@tn.gov.in
8 Andimadam --- mlaandimadam@tn.gov.in
9 Andipatti----mlaandipatti@tn.gov.in
10 AnnaNagar--- mlaannanagar@tn.gov.in
11 Arakkonam ----mlaarakkonam@tn.gov.in
12 Arantangi-- mlaarantangi@tn.gov.in
13 Aravakurichi --- mlaaravakurichi@tn.gov.in
14 Arcot --- mlaarcot@tn.gov.in
15 Ariyalur --mlaariyalur@tn.gov.in
16 Arni -- mlaarni@tn.gov.in
17 Aruppukottai ---mlaaruppukottai@tn.gov.in
18 Athoor--- mlaathoor@tn.gov.in
19 Attur ---mlaattur@tn.gov.in
20 Avanashi ---mlaavanashi@tn.gov.in
21 Bargur ---mlabargur@tn.gov.in
22 Bhavani---mlabhavani@tn.gov.in
23 Bhavanisagar---mlabhavanisagar@tn.gov.in
24 Bhuvanagiri-----mlabhuvanagiri@tn.gov.in
25 Bodinayakkanur----mlabodinayakkanur@tn.gov.in
26 Chengalpattu-----mlachengalpattu@tn.gov.in
27 Chengam---mlachengam@tn.gov.in
28 Chepauk---mlachepauk@tn.gov.in
29 Cheranmahadevi---mlacheranmahadevi@tn.gov.in
30 Cheyyar---mlacheyyar@tn.gov.in
31 Chidambaram---mlachidambaram@tn.gov.in
32 Chinnasalem---mlachinnasalem@tn.gov.in
33 CoimbatoreEast----mlacoimbatoreeast@tn.gov.in
34 CoimbatoreWest----mlacoimbatorewest@tn.gov.in
35 Colachel---mlacolachel@tn.gov.in
36 Coonoor----mlacoonoor@tn.gov.in
37 Cuddalore---mlacuddalore@tn.gov.in
38 Cumbum---mlacumbum@tn.gov.in
39 Dharapuram---mladharapuram@tn.gov.in
40 Dharmapuri---mladharmapuri@tn.gov.in
41 Dindigul---mladindigul@tn.gov.in
42 Edapadi---mlaedapadi@tn.gov.in
43 Egmore---mlaegmore@tn.gov.in
44 Erode----mlaerode@tn.gov.in
45 Gingee---mlagingee@tn.gov.in
46 Gobichettipalayam---mlagobichettipalayam@tn.gov.in
47 Gudalur----mlagudalur@tn.gov.in
48 Gudiyatham----mlagudiyatham@tn.gov.in
49 Gummidipundi----mlagummidipundi@tn.gov.in
50 Harbour-----mlaharbour@tn.gov.in
51 Harur----mlaharur@tn.gov.in
52 Hosur---mlahosur@tn.gov.in
53 Ilayangudi---mlailayangudi@tn.gov.in
54 Jayankondam---mlajayankondam@tn.gov.in
55 Kadaladi---mlakadaladi@tn.gov.in
56 Kadayanallur---mlakadayanallur@tn.gov.in
57 Kalasapakkam----mlakalasapakkam@tn.gov.in
58 Kancheepuram---mlakancheepuram@tn.gov.in
59 Kandamangalam----mlakandamangalam@tn.gov.in
60 Kangayam---mlakangayam@tn.gov.in
61 Kanniyakumari----mlakanniyakumari@tn.gov.in
62 Kapilamalai----mlakapilamalai@tn.gov.in
63 Karaikudi----mlakaraikudi@tn.gov.in
64 Karur----mlakarur@tn.gov.in
65 Katpadi----mlakatpadi@tn.gov.in
66 Kattumannarkoil---mlakattumannarkoil@tn.gov.in
67 Kaveripattinam---mlakaveripattinam@tn.gov.in
68 Killiyoor----mlakilliyoor@tn.gov.in
69 Kinathukadavu---mlakinathukadavu@tn.gov.in
70 Kolathur---mlakolathur@tn.gov.in
71 Kovilpatti---mlakovilpatti@tn.gov.in
72 Krishnagiri----mlakrishnagiri@tn.gov.in
73 Krishnarayapuram---mlakrishnarayapuram@tn.gov.in
74 Kulithalai----mlakulithalai@tn.gov.in
75 Kumbakonam---mlakumbakonam@tn.gov.in
76 Kurinjipadi---mlakurinjipadi@tn.gov.in
77 Kuttalam---mlakuttalam@tn.gov.in
78 Lalgudi---mlalalgudi@tn.gov.in
79 MaduraiCentral---mlamaduraicentral@tn.gov.in
80 MaduraiEast---mlamaduraieast@tn.gov.in
81 MaduraiWest----mlamaduraiwest@tn.gov.in
82 Maduranthakam----mlamaduranthakam@tn.gov.in
83 Manamadurai----mlamanamadurai@tn.gov.in
84 Mangalore----mlamangalore@tn.gov.in
85 Mannargudi----mlamannargudi@tn.gov.in
86 Marungapuri-----mlamarungapuri@tn.gov.in
87 Mayiladuturai----mlamayiladuturai@tn.gov.in
88 Melmalaiyanur---mlamelmalaiyanur@tn.gov.in
89 Melur---mlamelur@tn.gov.in
90 Mettupalayam---mlamettupalayam@tn.gov.in
91 Mettur---mlamettur@tn.gov.in
92 Modakkurichi---mlamodakkurichi@tn.gov.in
93 Morappur---mlamorappur@tn.gov.in
94 Mudukulathur---mlamudukulathur@tn.gov.in
95 Mugaiyur----mlamugaiyur@tn.gov.in
96 Musiri---mlamusiri@tn.gov.in
97 Mylapore---mlamylapore@tn.gov.in
98 Nagapattinam----mlanagapattinam@tn.gov.in
99 Nagercoil---mlanagercoil@tn.gov.in
100 Namakkal---mlanamakkal@tn.gov.in
101 Nanguneri---mlananguneri@tn.gov.in
102 Nannilam----mlanannilam@tn.gov.in
103 Natham-----mlanatham@tn.gov.in
104 Natrampalli----mlanatrampalli@tn.gov.in
105 Nellikkuppam----mlanellikkuppam@tn.gov.in
106 Nilakottai---mlanilakottai@tn.gov.in
107 Oddanchatram---mlaoddanchatram@tn.gov.in
108 Omalur---mlaomalur@tn.gov.in
109 Orathanad---mlaorathanad@tn.gov.in
110 Ottapidaram---mlaottapidaram@tn.gov.in
111 Padmanabhapuram----mlapadmanabhapuram@tn.gov.in
112 Palacode---mlapalacode@tn.gov.in
113 Palani----mlapalani@tn.gov.in
114 Palayamkottai---mlapalayamkottai@tn.gov.in
115 Palladam---mlapalladam@tn.gov.in
116 Pallipattu---mlapallipattu@tn.gov.in
117 Panamarathupatti---mlapanamarathupatti@tn.gov.in
118 Panruti---mlapanruti@tn.gov.in
119 Papanasam---mlapapanasam@tn.gov.in
120 Paramakudi---mlaparamakudi@tn.gov.in
121 ParkTown----mlaparktown@tn.gov.in
122 Pattukkottai----mlapattukkottai@tn.gov.in
123 Pennagaram-----mlapennagaram@tn.gov.in
124 Perambalur----mlaperambalur@tn.gov.in
125 Perambur---mlaperambur@tn.gov.in
126 Peranamallur---mlaperanamallur@tn.gov.in
127 Peravurani---mlaperavurani@tn.gov.in
128 Periyakulam---mlaperiyakulam@tn.gov.in
129 Pernambut---mlapernambut@tn.gov.in
130 Perundurai---mlaperundurai@tn.gov.in
131 Perur---mlaperur@tn.gov.in
132 Pollachi---mlapollachi@tn.gov.in
133 Polur---mlapolur@tn.gov.in
134 Pongalur---mlapongalur@tn.gov.in
135 Ponneri---mlaponneri@tn.gov.in
136 Poompuhar---mlapoompuhar@tn.gov.in
137 Poonamallee----mlapoonamallee@tn.gov.in
138 Pudukkottai----mlapudukkottai@tn.gov.in
139 Purasawalkam----mlapurasawalkam@tn.gov.in
140 Radhapuram---mlaradhapuram@tn.gov.in
141 Rajapalayam---mlarajapalayam@tn.gov.in
142 Ramanathapuram---mlaramanathapuram@tn.gov.in
143 Ranipet---mlaranipet@tn.gov.in
144 Rasipuram----mlarasipuram@tn.gov.in
145 Rishivandiyam----mlarishivandiyam@tn.gov.in
146 Dr.RadhakrishnanNagar----mlarknagar@tn.gov.in
147 Royapuram---mlaroyapuram@tn.gov.in
148 Saidapet---mlasaidapet@tn.gov.in
149 Salem -I---mlasalem1@tn.gov.in
150 Salem-II---mlasalem2@tn.gov.in
151 Samayanallur---mlasamayanallur@tn.gov.in
152 Sankaranayanarkoi---mlasankaranayanarkoil@tn.gov.in
153 Sankarapuram---mlasankarapuram@tn.gov.in
154 Sankari---mlasankari@tn.gov.in
155 Sathyamangalam---mlasathyamangalam@tn.gov.in
156 Sattangulam----mlasattangulam@tn.gov.in
157 Sattur---mlasattur@tn.gov.in
158 Sedapatti----mlasedapatti@tn.gov.in
159 Sendamangalam----mlasendamangalam@tn.gov.in
160 Sholavandan---mlasholavandan@tn.gov.in
161 Sholinghur----mlasholinghur@tn.gov.in
162 Singanallur---mlasinganallur@tn.gov.in
163 Sirkazhi----mlasirkazhi@tn.gov.in
164 Sivaganga----mlasivaganga@tn.gov.in
165 Sivakasi---mlasivakasi@tn.gov.in
166 Sriperumbudur---mlasriperumbudur@tn.gov.in
167 Srirangam---mlasrirangam@tn.gov.in
168 Srivaikuntam---mlasrivaikuntam@tn.gov.in
169 Srivilliputhur---mlasrivilliputhur@tn.gov.in
170 Talavasal---mlatalavasal@tn.gov.in
171 Tambaram---mlatambaram@tn.gov.in
172 Taramangalam---mlataramangalam@tn.gov.in
173 Tenkasi----mlatenkasi@tn.gov.in
174 Thalli---mlathalli@tn.gov.in
175 Thandarambattu---mlathandarambattu@tn.gov.in
176 Thanjavur---mlathanjavur@tn.gov.in
177 Theni---mlatheni@tn.gov.in
178 Thirumangalam---mlathirumangalam@tn.gov.in
179 Thirumayam---mlathirumayam@tn.gov.in
180 Thirupparankundram---mlathirupparankundram@tn.gov.in
181 Thiruvattar---mlathiruvattar@tn.gov.in
182 Thiruverambur---mlathiruverambur@tn.gov.in
183 Thiruvidamarudur---mlathiruvidamarudur@tn.gov.in
184 Thiruvonam---mlathiruvonam@tn.gov.in
185 Thiruvottiyur---mlathiruvottiyur@tn.gov.in
186 Thondamuthur---mlathondamuthur@tn.gov.in
187 Thottiam---mlathottiam@tn.gov.in
188 Tindivanam---mlatindivanam@tn.gov.in
189 Tiruchendur---mlatiruchendur@tn.gov.in
190 Tiruchengode----mlatiruchengode@tn.gov.in
191 Tirunavalur----mlatirunavalur@tn.gov.in
192 Tirunelveli---mlatirunelveli@tn.gov.in
193 Tiruppattur-194----mlatiruppattur194@tn.gov.in
194 Tiruppattur-41---mlatiruppattur41@tn.gov.in
195 Tirupporur----mlatirupporur@tn.gov.in
196 Tiruppur----mlatiruppur@tn.gov.in
197 Tiruthuraipundi----mlatiruthuraipundi@tn.gov.in
198 Tiruttani----mlatiruttani@tn.gov.in
199 Tiruvadanai---mlatiruvadanai@tn.gov.in
200 Tiruvaiyaru----mlatiruvaiyaru@tn.gov.in
201 Tiruvallur---mlatiruvallur@tn.gov.in
202 Tiruvannamalai----mlatiruvannamalai@tn.gov.in
203 Tiruvarur----mlatiruvarur@tn.gov.in
204 TheagarayaNagar----mlatnagar@tn.gov.in
205 Tiruchirapalli-I---mlatrichy1@tn.gov.in
206 Tiruchirapalli-II---mlatrichy2@tn.gov.in
207 Triplicane----mlatriplicane@tn.gov.in
208 Tuticorin---mlatuticorin@tn.gov.in
209 Udagamandalam---mlaudagamandalam@tn.gov.in
210 Udumalpet---mlaudumalpet@tn.gov.in
211 Ulundurpet---mlaulundurpet@tn.gov.in
212 Uppiliyapuram---mlauppiliyapuram@tn.gov.in
213 Usilampatti---mlausilampatti@tn.gov.in
214 Uthiramerur---mlauthiramerur@tn.gov.in
215 Valangiman----mlavalangiman@tn.gov.in
216 Valparai----mlavalparai@tn.gov.in
217 Vandavasi----mlavandavasi@tn.gov.in
218 Vaniyambadi----mlavaniyambadi@tn.gov.in
219 Vanur----mlavanur@tn.gov.in
220 Varahur-----mlavarahur@tn.gov.in
221 Vasudevanallur---mlavasudevanallur@tn.gov.in
222 Vedaranyam---mlavedaranyam@tn.gov.in
223 Vedasandur---mlavedasandur@tn.gov.in
224 Veerapandi---mlaveerapandi@tn.gov.in
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Why sky is blue color

Even in hot of the mid day sky looks in blue color why?The blue color of the sky is due to Rayleigh scattering.

Light from the sun appears white but it actually consists of many different colors. We.We can see all these colors available in the light in rainbow.When white light from the Sun travels through the earth’s atmosphere, it collides with particles of air.Each color has different wave lengths.
Wavelength of blue colour is smallest and red light is longest, the blue light is scattered most and the red light is scattered least.High wave length lights are pass through and low wave length lights are absorbed by the gas molecules in the air.
This gas molecules reflect the lights in different directions.The scattered blue light reaching the eye gives the appearance of a blue sky.
During the sunset high wave length lights are passing through the atmosphere more than blue light scattered,thats why we are seeing red or orange color during the sunset.

Benefit of using mud vessels

Cooking in mud pot brings healthy and gives long life to the people and makes food more delicious. It also helps to keep the food for long time without bacteria affecting the food and also helps in easy digestion. Preserving curd in mud pot will keep it out of sour for long time. Keeps water very cool and tasty. Even though it has more specialties, most of the people are unaware of it.

In olden days,not only mud pot,Silver,Bronze,Brass,Sembu were also used by people for cooking Cooking in silver vessel keeps body cool and also prevent from autoimmune diseases. Cooking with brass and sembu vessels will keep stomach related diseases out of us. It has the ability to cure ulcer. Drinking water in sembu vessel will give relief from cough and wheezing troubles.Cooking with steel vessels will increase blood cells and makes our body parts strong . Ana also useful for eye related diseases. Cooking in steel vessel also prevents autoimmune diseases.
Even though we are used to the latest technology vessels,people should start using the vessels used by olden age peoples, keeping the healthy life of our generation in our mind.

Why sea water salty?

We all know river water is not salty where as ocean water is salty. How come ocean water become salty?.Rain creates freshwater in rivers and streams, so they don’t taste salty.Rivers breaking up rocks while flowing and transporting their minerals to the ocean, the ocean has start become saltier.Over a period of time sea water become more salty.

River water also has salt in it but its very very less compared to sea.
All the ocean water will not have same level of saltines in water ,this is depends on how much fresh water flow in and how much water leaves the ocean by evaporation.

Why do leaves fall off from trees during winter season?

Leaves are food generation unit for the trees.During summer, tree supplies adequate water to the leaves and leaves are busy in making and storing food.
During summer days, leaves make more glucose(food) than the plant needs for energy and growth. The excess is turned into starch and stored until needed.
In winter sun light is very limited also trees itself will not get more water.So in order to sustain, trees stop sending water to the leaves also it shutdown the food production.Trees will be survived with excess food generated in the summer.
Since the water supply is stopped, leaves cant survive anymore.Due to this leaves start dying ,change its colors and fall during winter.Depends of the condition some of the trees will not have any leaves during winter.
Leaves grow again in trees once spring starts.