Govt rules for school timings in Tamilnadu

Govt of Tamilnadu defined the set rules and regulations for school education. School timings need to follow this standards and if not followed considered to be an violation.

Elementary and Middle Schools
1. Maximum working days per year: 220
2. School timings: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Higher Secondary Schools

1. Maximum working days per year: 200
2. School timings: 8.30 am to 5.00 pm(Urban) or 9.00 to 5.30 (Rural)

Responsibility of school head master

Each school will have one head master and he is the primary in charge of planning and management of the school. He has following responsibilities.

1. Management and logistics required for school
2. Supervising teachers
3. Responsibility for giving good education to the student
4. Giving good environment for the student for studies
5.Approving leave for teachers
6.Conducting examinations
7. He can declare holiday to the school depends on the situation.

Each head masters will report to district education officer or President of the school.

Ration card consumer complaint contacts in Tamilnadu

Do we have any problems in ration shop or you have any complaints or suggestions?. We can send the consumer complaints to following email ids.


Ration stock details through SMS in Tamilnadu

We will buy the ration from ration shop running by the govt of Tamilnadu but some times we may not know the stock is available or not. Some cases person who in charge of the shop may give wrong information and possibly he will sell outside. Govt offers new facility for us to check the availability of the stock through SMS. The Process is everyday shop in charge person send the closing balance information to server. We can check this balance from the server. We need shop code and district code to get this information.

Need to send SMS to  9789006492 or 9789005450 with following format.
PDS DistrictCode ShopCode  (ex:PDS 636 EA029)
This way we can get the stock information in ration shop and we need to keep in mind we are getting closing position of yesterday.


Google chrome offline game

Getting bored if internet connection is not working temporarily ? No worries we have in built game available in google chrome for time pass. When internet is not available and if we try to access some website we will get "Unable to connect to the internet" or "Webpage is not available " error message. We will see dinosaur icon.

Now press the "Space bar" key and we can see dinosaur is moving , We can use up and down arrow key to continue the game.


Get duplicate aadhaar card through SMS

No need to worry even if we missed our aadhaar card. We have an facility to get the duplicate copy of aadhaar card to our email id.We need to send an SMS to 51969 with following format. After sending sms we will receive soft copy of aadhar card to our email id.
UID EAADHAAR  Aadhaar number    email Id   PIN code 
Also we can directly download eaadhaar through https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/


Wake up calls from IRCTC while travelling in train

People who are travelling may not know their destination or people who slept during their travel time, there is a possibility of missing the station. IRCTC introduced new facility to give a call to our mobile number. This call will come to us before 30 mins the train reaches the destination.

There are two option to set up the wake up calls
1. Setup through IVRS
2. Setup through by sending SMS


 We need to dial 139 and selection the option as 'Destination Alert' on the interactive voice response system.We need to provide PNR Number , system verifies the PNR number if its valid then we are done. We will get a call from IRCTC 30 mins before train arrives our destination

Option 2:
  We need to send an SMS to 139 with following format.


We will receive confirmation message after we send the message.Finally we will receive the call saying  "your station is arriving 30 minutes before destination ".


Luxury and most costly trains in India

In India we all know we prefer train travel because of the comfort level and obviously cost is much better than any other mode. Do we know there are some trains in India  which cost more than 1 lakh rupees. Yes below are the train names

1. Maharaja's Express (http://www.maharajas-express-india.com/)
2.Palace on wheels (http://www.palaceonwheels.net/)
3.Royal Rajasthan(http://www.royalpalaceonwheels.com/)

Above trains are the luxury and costliest trains in India. In palace on wheels ticket per person is 2 lakh rupees.  

How to find own mobile number?

If we forget our mobile number in any situation , there is an shortcut to know the mobile number. This option is available in all the service providers. Following numbers needs to be dialed depending on the mobile network.
Mobile NetworkNumber to be dialled
Tata Docomo*580#


How to Open Command Line in Windows on Right Click of Folder

We will run many programs in command prompt but we always navigate to the program installed location manually using cd command.  There is an work around to right click on folder name and open a command window on that location. Lets see how to do that.

1. Go to Run type "regedit" and enter.
3. Navigate to Directory Folder
4. Expand Directory folder you can find the option shell
5.  Create a new key by right clicking the shell as below


We can give the key as CommandPrompt after key is created ,double click on the key to set the default value. Now we can give value as Run command from here.
Now again right click on new command which we created to create new key and you can put some Name for this for this. Double click the new command we created to set the default value.

Put default value as "cmd.exe /k cd %1"

After doing this you can see output as below


New train started between bangalore to coimbatore

IRCTC started new train service between Bangalore to Coimbatore. Earlier  there was a train named Coimbatore express which was running between Bangalore to Coimbatore.Later this train extended to till Eranakulam. Now again there is new train started between Yeshwantpur to Bangalore. This train runs every Wednesday and Friday. Find the details as follows.

Train no : 6543
Name : Ypr Express
Starts : Yeswanthpur
End: Coimbatore

1 Yeswantpur Jn        23.30 Start Time
2 Krishnarajapuram        00.05
3 Bangarapet Jn                00.55
4 Kuppam                      01.30
5 Tirupattur                02.38
6 Salem Jn                        04.05
7 Erode Jn                        05.20
8 Tiruppur                        06.08
9 Coimbatore Jn        07.30 End Time


How to check Fake medicines and expiry date by SMS

Medicine is important part in human life now and human life without medicine is not at all possible.In medicine market we see lot of duplicates and expired products are repacked and coming back to the society. These medicines are really harmful to the humans and we should be very care full when we buy medicines. We can check the originality of the drugs by unique product identification code.
Each Medicine has its own unique product identification code(nine digit)  or NDC (National Drug Code)and we need to send this code by SMS to 9901099010. After sending this message with in 10 mins we will get following information. Generally we could find this number in medicine pack.


1. Batch number of the medicine
2. Expiry date of the medicine
3. Manufacturer of the medicine

This service is provided by pharma secure company.

History of gold price in India

Gold is a precious metal and price of the gold is high now days.  If we see the history, The gold price has been increased drastically in last three years. Below is the table of history of gold price in last 50 years.
YearPrice of the gold for 8 gram in Rs

Above table shows the history of the gold price increase in past 50 years.


Blood group doners & acceptor details

Blood is the important fluid in humans life and it circulates nutrients all over the body.Though all the humans has blood but each one belong to the different groups. In case of  case of emergency any blood cant give to any one and only certain groups will be accepted by bloods. Lets see what are the each bloods groups and who can donate blood to them.

Blood GroupCan GiveCan Receive

Above are the blood group types & blood doner and accepter details . O- called as universal doner since it can give it to all the blood groups

Important job search websites in India

Finding a job is not that difficult now a days compare to olden days. We will get to know the requirement of jobs immediately through many sites, blow are the some of the sites can be helpful for both private and govt jobs.

  1. www.naukri.com
  2. www.monster.com
  3. www.careerbuilder.co.in
  4. www.clickjobs.com
  5. www.placementpoint.com
  6. www.careerpointplacement.com
  7. www.glassdoor.co.in
  8. www.indtherightjob.com
  9. www.employmentguide.com
  10. www.jobstreet.com
  11. www.jobdb.com
  12. www.naukrigulf.com
  13. www.gulftalent.com
  14. www.velai.net
  15. www.shine.com
  16. www.fresherslive.com
  17. www.jobsahead.com
  18. www.wisdom.com
  19. www.indeed.co.in
  20. www.sarkarinaukriblog.com
  21. www.jobsindubai.com
  22. www.jobswitch.in
  23. www.jobs.oneindia.com
  24. www.freshersworld.com
  25. www.freejobalert.com
  26. www.recruitmentnews.in
  27. www.firstnaukri.com

  1. www.freshnaukri.com

  1. www.mysarkarinaukri.com
  2. www.freshindiajobs.com
  3. www.freshersopenings.in
  4. www.freshersrecruitment.in
  5. www.chennaifreshersjobs.com
  6. www.govtjobs.allindiajobs.in
  7. www.timesjobs.com
  8. www.tngovernmentjobs.in
  9. www.sarkariexam.co.in
  10. www.govtjobs.net.in
  11. www.indgovtjobs.in

above are the list of job  search websites helpful to find the right job


Taking easy screenshots in android mobiles?

Android mobiles we have an option of taking screen shots.Taking screen is done with the help of power key and volume key.Lets see how can we take screen shots.

Moto Button

Press power button and volume down together for few seconds to take the screen shot.Once screen shot is taken we get the status shown as screen shot captured as like below.

Moto Screen shot


Cities famous for in tamilnadu

Cities are famous for some products or it has some identification by naturally. We are going to see what are the cities famous for which product in Tamilnadu.

KumbakonamBetel Leaf(Vetrilai)
UthukuzhiButter (Vennai)
KanchipuramSilk Sarees (Pattu saree)
NamakkalEgg (Muttai)
TirupurBanian (Garments)


Replace empty lines with any character in Notepad ++

There are two ways to remove the empty lines in notepad ++. First option we can use regular expression to replace  and the second option using Line operation provided by Notepad ++. Lets say i have lot of empty lines in my notepad as like below


Option 1:

We can use the regular expression to replace all the empty lines, Click on Control+F in notepad and go to replace tab.In find what field type '\n\r' and Replace field should be kept blank then click replace all button.



  Option 2:

These are the two ways we can remove the empty lines in notepad++.


Changing Download Location in Chrome

In chrome when we download the files it will go to the default location. We have an option to change the download location, Lets see how to achieve this,Click on settings in chrome as below.
Change download location

Click the "Show advanced settings" link in the bottom of the settings. After clicking that link we can see the option called download and there we can change the default download location of the chrome.

Change location