How to find duplicate egg

Egg has more proteins and vitamins.So everyone is eating egg to lead a healthy diet life.All of us know that hen only produce the egg.But nowadays eggs are produced by human also in means of artificial.In day to day life foods are becoming septic(poison).So its very important to find the duplicate egg and original egg.These artificial eggs are made by the china and supplied to India.

How to identify artificial egg

    fake egg
  • The fake egg and real egg has the small difference in their appearance. Fake egg is harder and rougher than the real egg also fake egg is little brighter than the real egg.
  • If we shake the fake egg it will noise but real egg will not give that type of noise.
  • Pour the egg in a bowl and keep it for sometime,both yellow and white yolk will mixed together.But in the real egg white and yellow yolk remains separate.
  • When the real egg is cooked we can feel a smell of raw meat but if we cook the fake egg no smell will come and if we keep it open for a day no ants or flies attracted to it.
  • when the fake egg is fried the yolk will spread like a water,but real egg will not spread.If we put an omelette there will be an difference between real and fake egg. 
  • If we open the boiled egg the fake egg has a rubber lining inside the shell.



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Foods to increase mothers feed

Mothers milk is the main nutrition of baby which increases the immunity for the baby.Mother feed to baby should be continued at least for 1 year,so that baby will be very healthier also gains proper weight.But many of the mother's are not having enough mothers milk to feed the baby.Mothers milk is not increased due to the health condition of the mother,so doctors are suggesting tablets as well as some milk powders.But we have an easy way to increase the mothers milk through the foods.

Foods taken to increase the mothers milk:
    breast feed
  • Drumstick leaf: These leaves play an important role in increasing the mothers milk.We can have the leaf in the mode of soup as well taken with the food also.
  • Milk fish: Eating dried milk fish(paal karuvadu) or fresh fish daily increases the mothers milk.It gives more nutrition to the health also.Because comparing to other fishes it contains more omega 3 fatty acids.                                                                                           
  • Fenugreek: Adding fenugreek in food increases the mothers milk since it contains calcium,vitamin and iron.Have a fenugreek in the empty stomach but don't take too much because it dries the skin.
  • Garlic: Take crushed garlic with milk at least for two days once.If not able to eat like that just fry the garlic in little oil and have it.It increases the mothers milk fastly.                                    
  • Tulsi: It is the herbal plant used in all the medicines.It has the vitamin k,so it increases the mothers milk.Taking tulsi 2 times per day in the amount of half cup increases the mothers milk rapidly.
  • Fatty foods: Eating fat filled foods such as milk,butter,ghee etc increases the mothers milk.So add any one fat redundant food regularly.                                                                                       
  • Nuts: Having almond,cashew nut and wall nut in evening time increases the mothers milk because they contains more vitamins and proteins.                                                                        
  • Vegetables: Vegetables like bottle gourd,pumpkin,gourd increases the mothers milk.It contains more vitamin.                                                                                                                                  
  • Foods rich in fiber:  Foods such as green leaves,red vegetables are rich in fiber. Mainly spinach,potato,beetroot ,beans have more fiber which increases the mothers milk.                      
  • Ragi: Taking ragi porridge  weekly twice increases the mothers milk.It is the main food for the mothers to increase the mothers milk.
  • Carrots: Carrots have more lactation properties,which increases the milk.So including carrot in breakfast and lunch is the best way to increase the mothers milk.
➤Note: Feeding baby frequently will also increase the milk.The important thing is feeding should be made both the sides otherwise breast pain will occur.

What should i do for normal delivery?

Pregnancy is the most important period for every women in their life.So Prominently they should be very conscious  in foods as well as in their health.In olden days c-section is rare but nowadays normal delivery is rare.Now not all the doctors but some of the doctors are going for the c-section for their profit.So during pregnancy choosing correct doctor also very important.Normal delivery pain will be for a while but c-section pain remains for life long especially back pain.So lets go for the normal delivery by following these simple tips you can.Third trimester is the correct time to follow these tips.

Tips for normal delivery:
    normal delivery
  • Walk in the morning time for minimum 30 minutes everyday.You can walk whatever time you
  • can but in morning time you can breath fresh air.
  • Breathing exercise is must in pregnancy time.It cleanses your blood by decreasing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen.It gives energy for the body also protects from the diseases.
  • Create a habit of sitting in the floor it is a great exercise during pregnancy.Use a  Padmasana  position to sit in the floor.It will reduce the lack of sleep during night time.
  • Sweep the house daily by using the short broomstick.So that the body will bend fully.It also helps for the normal delivery.
  • Drink jeera water everyday.Heat a water and jeera together,the color of the water will change to some orange color.After get cooled drink that water.
  • Take one spoon of butter everyday.It makes normal delivery easy.
  • Use the castor oil to massage the tummy.Massage from top to bottom everyday before going to bed.
  • Take a hot water bath at night time before going to sleep.
  • Make a habit of climbing the staircase everyday.It relax your muscles.But don't do for long time because it gives knee pain.
  • Drink a milk heated with crushed garlic.
  • From 9th month take the anise water. 
  • Eat Mango and Papaya in the 9th month.It reduces the risk in normal delivery.

Tips to control mosquito in home

Mosquito's are very dangerous because its spreading many diseases ,so its very important to control the mosquito's in home. There are simple tips to control the mosquito's in home.Here are few tips given below.
  • Try to avoid the stagnant water near to the home because mosquito lays egg in that  
  • Light the camphor inside the room by closing the doors and windows.After 30 minutes mosquitoes will not be there.But we should be stay outside of the room.
  • Make a smoke in the room by mixing the neem oil and the camphor balls.It keeps the mosquito away from us.
  • Take equal amount of eucalyptus and neem oil.Apply this on the skin because this is the effective Mosquito repellent.
  • Planting Tulsi near window keeps the mosquito away from the home.
  • Crush the garlic and boil it in the water.Spray the water in the room,the bad odor of the garlic keeps the mosquito away.
  • Use a lavender oil as a room freshener or apply it on the skin.Its strong scent smell makes the mosquito unable to bite.
  • Vaporizer the mint leaves in the room.The smell of the mint is used as a repellent of the mosquito.
  • Burn the pinion wood outside the home.The spicy smell of the wood kills the mosquito.
  • Use the mosquito repellent light in rooms such as sodium lamp,yellow bug or led lights.
  • Close the windows and doors after or at the time of 6 p.m.Mostly mosquito visit the home at this time only.
  • Hang the aloe vera plant in front of the home or inside the home.This is also the mosquito repellent.

Diseases spread by mosquito

Mosquito is the main problem for most of the diseases.Mosquito not only creates the disease it also spread the disease.If mosquito bites then it will be itchy also for someone it makes rashes on the skin.So everyone is trying to control the diseases spread by mosquito by killing it.They cannot be fully destroyed but it can be controlled.I would like to share some information about the mosquito.mosquito is not sucking human blood for food but it requires blood as a nutrient for its egg to grow.Generally mosquito eats small leafs as food.Only female mosquito mainly sucks the blood where as male mosquito do not bite much.
Diseases spread by mosquito:
  1. Malaria
  2. Chikungunya
  3. Zika virus
  4. Dengue fever
  5. Yellow fever
  6. West Nile virus
  7. Filariasis
  8. Encephalitis


Permanent solution for dandruff

In modern life every men and women are suffered by the dandruff problem.Hair is the main beauty for everyone.But because of the dandruff, hair fall is occuring.All of us are using the chemical remedies that is easily found in the market for the solution.But using this chemical products will give result instantly but it will not cure permanently,also it will give side effects.So the only way to give permanent solution for dandruff without any side effect is done only by the nature remedy.

Nature home remedy:
    poduthalai leaf
  • Poduthalai plant: This plant is mostly seen in wet areas and grown in the month between september and december.The fresh leaves of the plant are made into paste and apply in the scalp for sometimes and then wash it.The another method is heating coconut oil with the poduthalai leaves,small onion,fenugreek seeds.Then Filter this oil and apply everyday to the hair.Applying outside alone will not give result so take it as a food by means of chutney etc.                                                
  • Mustard oil: Mustard oil is heated with the Henna leaves and filtered.Apply this oil to hair and give massage for 10 minutes and then wash it.It keeps you away from the dandruff and also keeps the hair healthy.                                                                                                                       
  • Fenugreek seeds: Take the needed fenugreek and grind it into paste.Apply this paste to the hair and soak it for at least 30 minutes and then wash the hair.Follow this method for minimum 1 month so that hair fall will be controlled and dandruff problem is cured.                                    
  • Onion: Take the small onion and grind it to the paste.Apply this paste on the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes.Wash the hair well by giving a massage to the scalp.It will reduce the dandruff and solves the hair fall problem.                                                                                                      
  •  Natural shampoo: Take curd,green gram flour in a cup and mix it well .Apply this mixture to the hair and massage for sometimes.Wash the hair in a cool water,do this weekly once for the better result.It helps to reduce the dandruff.                                                                                      
  • Coconut oil: Heat the coconut oil with the dried gooseberry.Apply this oil to the hair and scalp to give a massage.This improves the hair growth and controls the hair fall.                                   
  • Spinach: Drink a cup of spinach juice everyday .It helps for the hair growth and keeps the hair nurture.It controls the hair fall also.                                                                                                                                            
  • Coriander leaf: Grind the fresh leaves and take the juice from that paste.Wash the hair in that juice.It's also one of the medicine for the hair fall.                                                                               
  • Egg: Mix the egg yolk and olive oil together.Apply it on the hair.This prevents the hair breakage and hair fall.                                                                                                                              
  • Bermuda grass(arugampul): Extract the juice from the grass and mix it with the coconut oil.Heat the oil well and apply this oil daily on the hair. Dandruff will disappears in time.            
  • Neem leaf: Take the juice from the neem leaf and tulsi leaf.Apply this juice extract to the hair weekly once.This will removes the dandruff from the scalp.


Instant home remedy for baby's cough

Nowadays every mother's worry is  about baby getting cold and cough.When our child gets cold then they will not eat properly,inactive,crying,some babies will vomit.Mostly cough will come when baby lying on the bed to sleep,it makes the baby to loss sleep.Often cough will lead to fever.There are 4 types of cold which affects the baby.This is important to know what type of cough is affected and instant home remedy for baby's cough.

Types of cough:
  • Dry cough:Dry cough is mostly caused by the infection of upper respiratory tract(throat and nose) such as cold or fever.This dry cough is worse in warm room and when a baby gone to bed.This cough is also the early sign of lower respiratory tract infection such as pneumonia and bronchitis.
  • Wet cough:It is caused by the fluid secretion and makes infection in the lower respiratory tract.It is mainly caused by the inflammation in lungs or virus infection on the lungs.
  • Croup cough:This cough cause the harsh dry cough for the baby.Baby with this cough will have swollen upper trachea caused by the viral infection.There will be a swollen below the vocal cord so the cough sound of the baby will be high pitch sound known as stridor. Baby will also have the hoose throat.
  • Whooping cough:This cough symptoms are similar to ordinary cough but it becomes severe at night time,fast coughing.At a time 5 to 15 frequent cough will come that's called fast coughing.When the baby deeply breathes during this cough it sounds like a whooping.Sometimes baby looks like a blue because of the shortage of oxygen.
Home remedy for baby's cough:
  • Coconut oil:Heat 1 tbsp of coconut oil by adding 1 clove,2 pepper,a pinch of turmeric. Apply this oil to baby's chest,back,feet,under arm for 2 times per day(day and night).The another method is heat an oil with small onion,garlic,Betal leaf stalk and apply it to the baby,s chest and back.
  • Country Borage(Karpuravalli leaf):Take this leaf up to 3 to 4 number and heat in a pan.When this leaf turns to dark green then extract the juice from the leaf.This juice can give with honey or warm water.
  • Eucalyptus:Eucalyptus can be used in the form of  leaf as well as oil.Heat a water in the vessel to high temperature and put some leaf or oil into the water.Make your baby to breath the vapor come from the water.It makes to get rid from head burden and nasal congestion.
  • Turmeric:Add a pinch of turmeric powder in 5 ml of boiled milk and give it at the night time to recover from the severe cough.
  • Chicken soup:If baby is aged over 2 years then chicken soup can give to the baby.It clears the phlegm and makes the baby to breathe easily.
  • Honey:It can be given to the baby after the age of 1 year.It breaks the chest cough and improves the sleep of the baby.It can given with warm water/lemon.
  • Vicks Vaporub:Apply vicks to baby nose,head,throat,chest,back,feet,underarm at the night time while sleeping.This gives some relax to the baby from cough.This can try to the baby after 3 months old.


Foods taken during pregnancy

During pregnancy every mother is getting confused which food is good for the baby development.Foods taken during pregnancy can help the mothers to avoid earning excess weight and for the fetal development. Doctors are suggesting oral medicines for the nutrients but that's not enough.Everyone is thinking that most of the nutrients are in fruits only,but that's not true.Here are the Millet's,cereals and pulses which are not grown under pesticides, they are rich in nutrients used by our ancestors.

  • Ragi has more calcium that improves the bone and teeth development to the baby.
  • It gives natural fat to the mother so that they maintain a healthy diet to avoid consuming excess weight.
  • It is rich in  high fiber so digestion of food during pregnancy made easy.
  • Ragi has vitamin c which helps to absorb the iron from the food.Red cells are more important for the fetal development.So taking ragi will cure the anemia problem.
  • Ragi can be taken for the breakfast.
Pearl Millet(Kambu):
  • Pearl millet had the nutrients Protein,Fiber,Mineral,Iron,Calcium.
  • It can be taken during the summer time to coolant the body.
  • It helps in maintaining the body weight.
  • Most of the pregnant women will have the constipation problem.Adding Pearl Millet in food will reduce this problem.
  • It controls the blood pressure level and cholesterol level.
  • It increases the breast milk for the mothers.
  • Pearl Millet manages the pregnancy diabetes.
  • Corn is rich in Vitamin c,B5,B1,Manganese and Fiber.
  • Taking corn during pregnancy improves the brain development of the baby.
  • It helps to get rid from the Urinal tract infection.
  • Many mothers will have a acne problem during pregnancy.So corn face pack helps to improve the glow of the skin.
  • It has folate. Regularly taking folic acid reduces the birth defects.
  • It contains the Thiamin which increases the memory development for the baby.
  • It contains Patothenic acid which ensures the proper functioning of the organs during pregnancy.
  • Many of them have a wrong thought that having barley induce to abortion.But it is wrong information. Too much of consumption will induce to abort.It is safe to take after first trimester.
  • Barley is rich in iron,potassium,fiber and Manganese.
  • Drinking barley water reduces the swelling of legs during pregnancy.
  • It increases the breast milk because of its lactogenic properties.
  • It makes the enough space for the baby to grow by increasing belly growth rapidly.
  • It makes relief from abdominal itching,morning sickness and nausea.
  • It promotes the flexibility of bones and vessels during pregnancy.
  • It contains Niacin aids to blood clotting,which is helpful during the baby delivering.
  • Some of them will get allergy.So check whether it is good for your health.
Samai(Little Millets);
  • It is rich in Fiber,Iron,Minerals,Vitamin B1 when comparing to the white rice.
  • It helps in reduce the diabetes risk during pregnancy.
  • It has fiber content so helps to digest the food easily.
  • It manages the cholesterol level since it has low cholesterol comparing to white rice.
  • Taking this millet instead of rice during pregnancy helps in baby development.
Kodo Millet(Varagu Rice):
  • It can be taken during winter time because it produce heat in body.Taking in second trimester is safe during pregnancy. 
  • It is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.
  • It has high antioxidant activity.
  • It improves digestion.
  • It fights with obesity and reduces the cholesterol level.
  • It controls the blood sugar.
  • It helps to reduce the depression during pregnancy.
Foxtail Millet(Thinai):

  • This millet are high in protein,iron,fiber and calcium.
  • It gives more energy because calorie is high in this millet but it is low fat.
  • It reduces gastric problems mostly happened for pregnant women.
  • It maintains the weight so it can be taken as a diet food.
  • It keeps the digestive tract clean.
  • It maintains the cholesterol level.